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Watchwoman: Dear Readers, I have never tried to suggest or imply that “Occupy Wall Street Names Colorado Massacre Shooter James Holmes as Occupy Black Bloc Member (Part 4 of BM)” was true, so I’m posting the article below that claims it is false. Like I said, I would give you the information if I found that it was false, so here’s what another source is saying.

WARNING! But I offer you, once again…CAUTION! Will forward. You Decide!

I have no idea what to believe, do you?

When you listen to what a private detective, Bill Warren, has to say in the video below, it is not going to be very comforting however. Apparently the Black Bloc of Occupy is a terrorist organization.  I admit, I’m very confused, but I don’t feel any better about any of this, do you?  I mean if Holmes isn’t a part of OWS, so now we have to worry about the Black Bloc still.  The private detective, Bill Warren, makes some startling statements about the Black Bloc and Tampa, Florida.   ▬ Donna Calvin ▬ Sunday, July 22, 2012


False reports surface that Colorado shooter was part of Occupy; Truth exposed

False reports are surfacing that James Holmes, the young man who killed 12 people at the midnight showing of the new batman movie “The Dark Knight Rises” last night in Aurora, CO, was part of the Occupy San Diego Black Block movement. OSD members have immediately spoken out on Facebook and Twitter about the falseness of such claims – from OSD even having a Black Block group, to ever seeing John Holmes at their camp or any of their meetings. Upon further investigation it has become clear that those claiming James Holmes is part of the Occupy movement do not have any proof or facts to back this up and are simply working on false assumptions.

Further de-confirming the claim that Holmes was part of the Occupy Black Block movement in San Diego, an unnamed member of OSD has said today there is “no organized Black Block contingent known to OSD.” Furthermore this person reminds us that “Black Block is a tactic, not a group.”

Aerial view of Occupy San Diego Day One March in the Civic Center Plaza
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David Hatfield

Conversation with Detective Bill Warren July 20 about CO shooter and Occupy movement .MP4

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You can read more about Black Block at Wikipedia, where you will read that it was developed in the 1980’s and “mainly consists of defensive tactics like misleading the authorities, assisting in the escape of people arrested by the police (“un-arrests’ or “de-arrests”), administering first aid to persons affected by tear gas, rubber bullets and other riot control measures in areas where protesters are barred from entering, building barricades, resisting the police, and practicing jail solidarity.”

The false reports began with two blogs. First, the blog of a private detective in Florida Bill Warner, who is claiming that James Holmes is part of the Occupy Black Block movement. Detective Bill Warren is “a member of the FBI Partner InfraGard and has worked as a Confidential Informant (CI) for Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the U.S. Secret Service on smuggled stolen cars scam and money laundering cases,” according to his blog.

In a conversation with Warner today, Warner explained that Holmes was “obviously influenced by something…and possibly motivated by the Occupy movement.” He went on to explain how in the new batman movie the main villain is portrayed as an occupy…black block guy with a mask and the black block uniform.” When asked a second time if he had any facts or proof to back this up, he responded by pointing out the fact that when the mother found out about the killings she said “You’ve got the right guy.”

So basically Detective Warren has no proof or actual facts that the shooter Holmes was a part of an Occupy Black Block movement, as in instead assuming that is why Holmes committed this heinous crime based upon the plot of the movie and a quote from his mother that has nothing to do with Occupy at all. People like Detective Warren like to have fun calling those who use Black Block tactics during protesting “Black Block Terrorists” while there is nothing terrorist-like in protecting peaceful protestors from possible abuse or violence from authorities or law enforcement. You can hear the audio of the conversation with Warren on YouTube, or by clicking on the video at the top of the article to the right.

As things spread on the Internet like they do, Doo Doo Economics was the next blog to re-post the false claims, even adding to the allegations by specifically targeting Holmes as a member of a Black Block group from Occupy San Diego.

Detective Warren himself said today that Holmes “left San Diego in 2010” and has “been in the Colorado area for the last year” making it impossible for him to have been involved in Occupy San Diego. Local and national news sites have been reporting Holmes was “pursuing a PhD in neuroscience at the University of Colorado, Denver,” with the Washington Post and others reporting later in the afternoon that Holmes “was in the process of withdrawing from his academic program.” What exactly Holmes was doing in Colorado on his free time, and whether or not he was involved in some organized Black Block movement in Colorado or elsewhere has simply not been confirmed to date.

Already spreading like a wild fire on the Internet, we are now seeing reports of these false claims popping up by other Examiner writers, by local Florida news outlets, and by other bloggers.

That last blog goes so far as to say that Occupy Wall St. themselves are taking blame for the shooting, yet when you click on the link provided for proof you get a broken link. This is the true current page of Occupy Wall St. right now.

The whole thing seems to be business as usual as Truth Out has coincidentally released a report today that Occupy San Francisco activists were falsely accused of being involved in an officer shooting of a suspect, simply because the shooting happened blocks from the Occupy SF encampment. Similar reports have come out recently about a murder in Berkeley and a false connection to Occupy Berkeley, and false reports connecting DNA from a 2004 murder to recent DNA found on a metal chain collected after an Occupy protest in New York.

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Posted by Donna Calvin — Sunday, July 22, 2012


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