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posted July 27, 2012 at 12:51 am

The Gay Movement is a revolutionary movement. Is there proof of this? Yes, there is.

Social media normally associated with New Left philosophies (ex:, Code Pink, etc.) have, in the past, embraced socialist/Leninist philosophies like Occupy Wall Street, Climate Change, Green Peace, Sierra Club et al.

Communication and organizational control of these diverse groups that had sprung up in the 60’s and 70’s, was fractious, spotty and piecemeal until the advent of data transmission and internet hosting. This reached its peak in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s ultimately becoming the Y2K and “” phenomenon. By late 1990’s and early 2000’s social media was fast taking shape and quickly becoming New Left’s mode of operation…it was the glue holding their far flung, piecemeal operations together.

60’s revolutionaries, i.e., Weathermen, SDS, Black Power, etc. spearheaded an above ground as well as underground social revolutionary movement. This encompassed many diverse, far flung radical movements (either in their infancy or well established nucleus’ located in scattered urban centers). Some well known radical organizations having a socialist/Leninist agenda were: NOW =National Organization for Women, ACLU=American Civil Liberties Union, Gay Movement, NEA =National Education Association, ACORN and several others.

So, With organizational control over far flung, diverse left leaning pockets of radical resistance, a dominant philosophy of “Top down/Bottom up and Inside out” could be implemented ever so slowly, but deliberately.
Also, in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s wealthy capitalist’s (crony-capitalist’s) were recruited for their donations and funding of various radical, left leaning enterprises and resistance movements across these United States. In America’s Congress sprouted a “Democratic Socialists of America” caucus, today, Congressional Progressive Caucus.

Strangely, these left leaning capitalist’s had as their guiding philosophy, a Fabian Socialist corrupt view of top down, command-control, extreme centralization of Americas economic/social/administrative/government/judicial and financial systems, both nationally and at state levels,i.e., Greed and Power.

Enter all existing movements, working seemingly independently, but under this New Left’s direction, guidance, and organization attacking everything America: CRT(Critical Race Theory), social justice, Racism, Gay Rights, Gay Movement, Institute for Policy Studies, The Nation magazine,, National Priorities Project, Jobs with Justice, Peace Action, Americans for Democratic Action, and Progressive Democrats of America. NAACP, ACLU, Progressive Majority, League of United Latin American Citizens, Rainbow/PUSH Coalition, National Council of La Raza, Hip Hop Caucus, Human Rights Campaign, Association of Farmworker Opportunity Programs, and the National Hip Hop Political Convention, Chicanos por la Causa, Black Caucus, Black community leaders, NAACP to name a few.

Once and for all, the amorphous New Left has America’s: 1)religion, 2) education, 3) capitalist, financial system and 4) governmental organization under full frontal and subversive attacks. Is there evidence of this? Yessiree!

Recent examples: Bain capital, Chick-fil-A, and small businesses in general all three, America’s backbone..

Chick-fil-A’s attack is a classic example of:1) Socialist Democrats (politicians), 2) a well organized, national Gay Movement, 3)Social media (web sites, Facebook, Twitter, Google and others) and a “Top down/Bottom up and Inside out” Marxist/Leninist juggernaut taking aim at America’ very foundations. Think about this. These are an overt revolutionary movement, operating openly in every facet of American culture and society with one objective…destroy everything American. Gay movement is a revolutionary movement being used for nefarious purposes as is Racism, Poverty, Welfare and Class Warfare. Wake-up America. God Save Her. Amen.

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Posted by Donna Calvin — Saturday, July 28, 2012
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