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Watchwoman on the Wall

Sodomy Superpac Could Be the End of the Republican Party

Watchwoman Warning!!!!!!! If enough pro-sodomy-GOP members fall for this “new pro-sodomy trajectory in the Republican Party for bucks for their campaigns,” you can promise yourself, it will be the utter demise of the Republican Party.  Not one decent human being worth his soul-sole leather will ever advocate for another Republican


All that ties us by a very thin tenuous string to the Republican Party is the pro-life plank in the Republican platform and that they have been always opposed to anything but Biblical-based traditional marriage. 

It is the pro-life conservative Christians who have kept the Republicans from going belly up long ago, and if they abandon these two issues EVER, you can count every Christian, moral activist GONE! 

You’ll see a 3rd Party movement arise that will defeat every Republican ever to run again.  This 3rd Party may never win a competition, but you can count on it, neither will any Republican.  You’ll be left with one giant winning communist party, otherwise known as the Democrat Party. 


We will NEVER vote for one party member who belongs to a pro-sodomite party

The commie Dem’s won’t have to commit voter fraud, they’ll win every election! 

The pro-life, traditional marriage, moral issues people in the Republican Party, may not be the rich members, we aren’t.  But we are the ones who wear out our shoe leather delivering their literature every campaign season.  I don’t care how much some sodomite (or how many pro-sodomites) donate to the Republicans, they will NEVER have enough money to defeat the communist Democrats who have already established themselves as foes to all Republicans. 


No matter how much money, a PRO-SOD-GOP idiot will get from the evildoers, he/she will never win. 

Why will all pro-sodomite Republicans lose

Because without all us conservative pro-life, pro-moral values, pro-traditional Biblical-marriage coalition supporting the GOP, no pro-sodomite Republican will ever get 51% of the vote!  NEVER!!!  NO NOT EVER!!!  They will have a hard time getting 24% of the vote!

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

Here’s the facts – about 24% of the people vote for Democrats no matter who they are — just because they are Democrats.  The same is true for the Republican Party.  Now, listen carefully, my friends – – – A major part of the 24% that votes Republican are conservative, pro-life, moral-issues voters — and if they boycott the Republican Party for going pro-sodomite, then the Republicans will have a very hard time winning anything once a major portion of their previously assured base abandons them — and they know it.  That is why the Republicans will have a hard time getting even 24% of the votes!  Trust me, the Republicans (even the rich ones, the old guard country club Republicans) know this!  Singer is wasting his money!

$ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $


There isn’t enough money available to donate to a pro-sodomite GOP candidate who could make a successful stand against a pro-sodomite Democrat.  Without our block of votes AGAINST the commie, pro-death, pro-abortion, anti-life, culture of death pro-sodomite candidate in the Democrat Party, the Republican loses every time. 

If the Dem’s were really smart, they’d be donating money to this pro-sodomite named Paul E. Singer, a billionaire hedge fund manager, because it would help ensure the grand success of the communist Dem Party across the board and the utter demise of the Republican Party forever! 

Not only that, God will curse them!  Read Deuteronomy 28!


See the pictures I’ve included — the one’s that are not so XXX rated they are not fit for viewing, from a recent sodomite parade and then tell me if you think these sodomites are ever going to be a part of the Republican Party as winners!  Impossible!  No sane people can support this garbage! 

Keep scrolling to the bottom for some small pics and then some enlargements of the crazy supporters in the GOP who Singer thinks he can help get elected to conservative posts in the Republican Party.  Well, if he does, there’s a 3rd Party coming — and the death of the GOP is hanging on a slim branch that Singer is sawing away at with a very queer saw! 

You cannot purchase decency, morality and God’s crowns with mammon and any candidate who does, is cursed!  


[Matthew 6:24 & Luke 16:13]  No man (servant is the word Luke uses) can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. 

▬ Donna Calvin

The G.O.P.’s Gay Trajectory


By FRANK BRUNI – Op-Ed Columnist – Published: June 9, 2012

OVER the past year, the main story line in the push for marriage equality has been the ardor and success with which leading Democratic politicians have taken up the fight. The Democratic governors of New York, Maryland and Washington all promoted and signed same-sex marriage laws, for which President Obama expressed his support last month.


But the progress within Republican ranks has also been pivotal, not to mention fascinating. And a compelling character in that subplot just added a new twist to the narrative, one that suggests the rapidly changing political dynamics of this issue and its potential import to a party dogged by an image of being culturally out of touch.

That character is Paul E. Singer, 67, a billionaire hedge fund manager who is among the most important Republican donors nationwide. In just one Manhattan fund-raiser last month, he helped to collect more than $5 million for Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign.

The shifting Republican reality was underscored when 119 Republicans joined 92 Democrats in the New Hampshire House of Representatives three months ago in a vote to keep same-sex marriage legal in the state. Just three years ago, when it was legalized, only nine Republicans supported it.


In Massachusetts, Richard Tisei, a gay Congressional candidate who supports marriage equality, was recently anointed one of the National Republican Congressional Committee’s “Young Guns,” signifying Republican leaders’ especially strong investment in his bid.

“I feel comfortable in the party,” he told me Friday.

Tisei is one type of candidate who might draw financial help from Singer’s super PAC, which, according to Singer, will soon have a budget “of a few million dollars,” factoring in expected support from collaborators and friends.


Singer said that more than a half-dozen Republicans who back same-sex marriage, who are contemplating it or who seem nudge-able have already attracted the super PAC’s attention.

I asked Chad H. Griffin, a progressive Democrat who heads the Human Rights Campaign, a leading advocacy group for gays and lesbians, what he made of Singer’s work on marriage equality.


“It’s absolutely necessary,” said Griffin. “We will never win marriage equality without bipartisan support.”

One Republican who unequivocally opposes marriage equality is the man Singer backs for president: Mitt Romney. Does that trouble Singer?

“I feel very strongly that Obama needs to be fired, and that the Republicans are right on most things,” he said, adding that with continued work on marriage equality, he expects to persuade more Republicans of its rightness, too.


“I think it would be naïve of me to take this issue and just upend everything else I believe,” he said. “Because I think we’re making progress.”

He steadfastly supports conservative candidates. He also steadfastly supports gay rights in general and marriage equality in particular. Along with a few other leading Wall Street financiers, he contributed and helped drum up the majority of the money — more than $1 million — that fueled the campaign for same-sex marriage in New York.

He has given nearly $10 million of his own money to gay-rights initiatives, including the same-sex marriage efforts not only in New York but also in New Hampshire and New Jersey. And that figure doesn’t include his assistance in tapping a broad network of donors for individual candidates. He was pivotal in rounding up about $250,000 apiece for the Republican state senators in New York whose votes for same-sex marriage provided its margin of victory in the Legislature.


Now, Singer says, he’s providing $1 million to start a new “super PAC” with several Republican compatriots. Named American Unity PAC, its sole mission will be to encourage Republican candidates to support same-sex marriage, in part by helping them to feel financially shielded from any blowback from well-funded groups that oppose it.

In an interview on Tuesday, he told me that he’s confident that in Congressional races, which would most likely be the super PAC’s initial focus, there are more than a few Republicans “who could be on the verge of support” or are “harboring and hiding their views.”

“And this kind of effort could be catalytic in generating some more movement,” he said.

Singer doesn’t court a high news-media profile. His willingness to meet at the Midtown Manhattan offices of his hedge fund, Elliott Management, and talk about marriage equality reflects the strength of his commitment to the cause. Although he is straight, he has a gay son and son-in-law who were married in Massachusetts, which legalized same-sex marriage in 2004.


Our conversation also reflected a growing awareness among prominent Republicans that embracing marriage equality could broaden the party’s base and soften the party’s image in crucial ways. Many swing voters who find elements of Republicans’ limited-government message appealing and have doubts about Obama’s economic stewardship are nonetheless given serious pause by the party’s stances on abortion, birth control, immigration and homosexuality.

“There’s a feeling among some people that the Republican party is harsh on some things,” acknowledged Singer, whose extended comments can be found in a blog post supplementing this column. Referring to opposition to same-sex marriage, he added: “Atmospherically and tonally, it’s part of the landscape of so-called harshness.”


It also flies in the face of an irrefutable trajectory of increasing support for same-sex marriage among Americans, especially younger ones. In a CNN/ORC International poll released Wednesday, a whopping 73 percent of respondents between the ages of 18 and 34 said they favored marriage equality. That’s the clear future of this issue, and Republicans are keenly aware that while the party’s formal opposition to abortion rights, for example, doesn’t contradict the prevailing sentiments of a majority of Americans or buck voter trends, opposition to same-sex marriage does.


Ken Mehlman, the former Republican National Committee chairman who came out as gay two years ago and has since pressed the case for marriage equality, told me, “A political party that ignores demography or ignores broader cultural trends does so at its own peril.”

But even apart from that, Mehlman, Singer and many other Republicans say that marriage equality, which in fact gets the government out of the business of controlling and casting judgment on people’s private lives, is consistent with conservative principles.

Singer said that it “very well fits within my framework of freedom,” adding that it promotes “family stability” and is a tribute to an institution in need of one.


Read More:


Pictures of  Sodomites from a NY sodomite pride parade

How many conservative Republicans are going to vote for anyone who supports the people and morals that contribute to these parades of the public display of blatant debauchery?














Posted by Donna Calvin — Saturday, June 09, 2012


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Donna Calvin

posted June 12, 2012 at 4:56 pm


Thanks again for another articulate comment.

Adding to your comment’s assessment regarding how wrong Jeb Bush is about legalizing sodomites marrying because they are loving parents, I ask everyone reading this…

If you love your children, why would you raise them to believe that sin is wholesome, loving, and approved by God, when it will take them straight to hell not even one nano second after they die to spend all eternity burning in hell?

That’s loving?

Are they nuts?

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posted June 11, 2012 at 9:00 pm

From The American Prospect there’s this:


What’s gotten into Jeb Bush? In just the last couple of weeks, the former Florida governor has lambasted the inflexible ideology that has gripped his party, both on immigration and fiscal issues. He’s criticized Republicans for “outsourcing your convictions and principles” to Grover Norquist by signing his anti-tax pledge. He’s said he’d take the budget deal that the Republican presidential candidates all rejected in a debate last fall, with $10 in spending cuts for every $1 in tax increases. He’s pointed out that neither Ronald Reagan nor Poppy Bush would likely be able to win a GOP nomination today. Last Thursday (June 7, 2012) on Charlie Rose, he hemmed and hawed about gay marriage but said that loving same-sex parents “should be held up as examples to follow.” Ye Gods!

Why has “the smart Bush” taken it upon himself to spread the long-forgotten gospel of compassionate conservatism? Maybe he wants to save the party from long-term irrelevance with Latinos and young folks. Maybe he wants to provide some pushback against the right-wingers who are dogging Romney to run as a Norquist impersonator. Or, as Jonathan Chait believes, maybe he’s setting himself up for a 2016 run. “If you try to imagine the Republican consensus after a potential losing election, it will look like this,” Chait writes. “It will recognize that its harsh partisan rhetoric turned off voters, and will urgently want to woo Latinos, while holding on to as much as possible of the party’s domestic policy agenda. And oh, by the way, the party will be casting about for somebody to lead it.”

But will that be the lesson Republicans draw from a Romney defeat? The party elite might see the need for a broader-based message, but the right-wing purists will insist just the opposite—that the party’s mistake was nominating an impure conservative. It would take a Goldwater-sized landslide to convince the true believers otherwise. And that, we can safely predict, is not going to happen.

This is the beginning of RNC’s major effort at a party wide “push-back” at conservative Tea Partiers. Everything near and dear to America and Americans is not embodied in RNC’s strategy, seeking to alieniate all Tea Partiers.

Compassionate Conservatism a la George Bush got us TARP I and expanded easing of lending practices to the Latino community (expanding the housing bubble)worsening the sub-prime debacle. Instead of holding firm at restraining spending at all government levels, morality in all decision-making, and religious convictions in dealing with progressive elements of American political spectrum the RNC (We The Elite People of culture of corruption in Washington DC)have an agenda to socialize America and Americans a la John and Megan McCain’s Progressive agenda.

It is time to recognize there isn’t any room for Constitutional conservatives in the GOP. Formation of a Party embodying all precepts and ideals Our Founding Fathers held near and dear to their hearts and were willing to give their lives for would better serve America and Americans…maybe a Barry Goldwater model comes to mind. Continue as is, and wait to be ultimately thrown under the bus is just waiting for the Guillotine to fall. God Bless America. Amen.

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posted June 10, 2012 at 3:00 pm

Procreation, as We The People know it, is diametrically opposite continuation of life as espoused by those advocating Gay Rights. Our Creator, built a temple of propagation when a civil union is consummated between a man and woman. Procreation ceases when this union is between same sex couples. This latter may meet a philosophical objective limiting “world population” but completely destroys life’s sanctity by ending “continuation of the species.”

This is so prophetic. On 3/09/2012 in Brazil, state of Rio Grande do Sul a national Lesbian Coalition successfully enacted legislation to strip all, EVERY religious icon, statue, image, painting, religious imagery from any building anywhere in that State.

So: 1)religion, 2)education, 3) governance, and 4) financial/economic systems are now fair game for all World Leftist’s. A New Global Governance is soon to be presented to all World Citizens… to be dominated by POWER hungry and GREEDY leftist, control freaks.

Gay Rights was and always has been a shill for eradicating religion. If everything religious could be swept under the rug, an aimless, religionless populace would readily embrace a “State Religion” (whatever that means)…so goes the narrative.

Words have taken on completely new meanings, all designed to confuse and confound Judeo-Christians…but, in Brazil, religion has re-surged as an important staple to everyday living. The Catholic Church (still smarting from its recent problems) has gained in popularity with brazilians and is making a comeback (as are Pentecostals).

The same can be said for Americans and their Judeo-Christian heritage. Embrace religion, it is the one sure path to certainty and salvation. Secularism is fraught with deceit, lies, and falsehoods (false Gods). Amen.

Not satisfied with a frontal attack on: 1) Judeo-Christian heritage in the USA, 2) and introduction of a Bible re-written to satisfy all Gay Movement adherents,3) a new slant to this argument is surfacing, namely, “civil rights.”

In order to understand this new twist to World Gay Movements into “civil rights”, the argument has to be defined in actual terms and examined historically.
From Wikipedia, “civil rights” is defined as: Civil rights include the ensuring of peoples’ physical integrity and safety; protection from discrimination on grounds such as physical or mental disability, gender, religion, race, national origin, age, status as a member of the uniformed services, sexual orientation, or gender identity; and individual rights such as privacy, the freedoms of thought and conscience, speech and expression, religion, the press, and movement
This definition comes to us from history, both as applied in medieval European peoples and ancient religious peoples communities. (author’s commentary)
Again, from Wikipedia we see:
The phrase “civil rights” is a translation of Latin ius civis (rights of citizens). Roman citizens could be either free (libertas) or servile (servitus), but they all had rights in law. After the Edict of the Milan in 313, these rights included the freedom of religion. Roman legal doctrine was lost during the Middle Ages, but claims of universal rights could still be made based on religious doctrine. According to the leaders of Kett’s Rebellion (1549), “all bond men may be made free, for God made all free with his precious blood-shedding.”

In the 17th century, English common law judge Sir Edward Coke revived the idea of rights based on citizenship by arguing that Englishman had historically enjoyed such rights The English Bill of Rights was adopted in 1689. The Virginia Declaration of Rights, by George Mason and James Madison, was adopted in 1776. The Virginia declaration is the direct ancestor and model for the U.S. Bill of Rights (1789). (author’s commentary: nowhere is there mention of “sexual orientation,” mostly is concerned with “religion”)

So, modern day definition of “civil rights” with extensive mentions of “gender, race, national origin, age” and most important “sexual orientation” seem to have appeared after 1948…a modern day phenomenon. Coincidentally, a throwback to an earlier (1900’s) european, socialist uprising seeking redress of “social injustices.”

From Wikipedia, “sexual orientation” is defined generally as: Sexual orientation describes an enduring pattern of attraction—emotional, romantic, sexual, or some combination of these—to the opposite sex, the same sex, or both sexes, and the genders that accompany them. These attractions are generally subsumed under heterosexuality, homosexuality, and bisexuality. Asexuality (the lack of romantic or sexual attraction to others) is sometimes identified as the fourth category. According to the American Psychological Association, sexual orientation also refers to a person’s sense of “personal and social identity based on those attractions, behaviors expressing them, and membership in a community of others who share them.”

Commentary continued:
What started out, in the early 1960’s in San Francisco, CA, as a Gay Movement, seeking religious and societal equality has developed into a modern day attack on America’s Founding Father’s Bill of Rights and destruction of any linkage to Our Creator. A New Annotated Oxford Bible and drum beats of “civil rights” mask the true underlying nature of this Gay Movement around the world…a purely sexual orientation and sexual satisfaction effort.

Simply put, a minority group of marginalized, sexually oriented people are foisting off, on Americans, their “sexual satisfaction.”

Yes, formation of a swath of americans, like minded and religiously oriented as Our Founding Fathers were, is urgently needed, justified and should begin this 2012 to save Our Beloved USA from sodomites. Amen.

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posted June 10, 2012 at 2:27 pm

DNC, RNC, MSM and WALL STREET are We The Elite People of culture of corruption in Washington DC. Selling their souls to the Devil.

If We The People are waiting for this “nefarious force of culture of corruption” in Washington DC to ever change their stripes, is sheer willful desire to be chastised, abused and de-humanized.

The House of Representatives has a confrimed 82 members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus (an outgrowth of former Democratic Socialists in Congress – marxist/leninists).
It has moderate Progressives numbering some 24 inactive members and in the Senate there are the House’s sympathetic RINO’S example: McCain, Rubio et al.

Only way to defeat this “culture of corruption” is to assemble willing and like minded Americans into a solid political/socially/conservative voice like the Patrick Henry Society or create the Paul Revere Society uniting all relgious conservatives across the USA and abroad. Gone are DNC, RNC labels…they’re meaningless anyways. Time to lace up our boots, march from “sea to shining sea” and unite all our breatheren into one solid, cohesive unit…marching unto God.God Bless America. Amen.

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