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June 20, 2012


Obama-Nixon Screaming "Executive Privilege" Like Little Jack Horner!

Watchwoman: Who will ever forget, “I’m not a crook,” ala Richard Nixon following the Watergate break-in and subsequent cover up, when the guilty Nixon invoked Executive Privilege because he knew he had much to cover up.  In that scandal all that happened was much evil, certainly, but no one was murdered with guns supplied to Mexican gang members who murdered an innocent U. S. Boarder Patrol Agent with one of those very guns!

Watergate was just a break-in.  No arms were involved.  Fast and Furious involved so much more — murder, drugs, the Mexican cartel, multi-crime scenes and the U. S. Government, under the Obama administration allowing illegal firearms to be sold to known gang cartel members in the USA.

During the Bush administration, the thugs were stopped at the boarder and arrested in an operation known as Project Gunrunner; however, Obama’s administration allowed the thugs to cross the boarder and viola, they disappeared into the abyss of Mexico where the illegal firearms were used in almost 120 crime scenes where innocents, both Americans and Mexicans, were murdered with the guns supplied by the U.S. government, knowingly!

Fast and Furious has been the by-word of the week among people in the know, such as myself, but we’ve been maligned and criticized by the Democrats ad nauseam!


Obama and Attorney Eric Holder are the prime suspects in this Fast and Furious operation and finally they are being called to task by the U. S. Congress.

So Obama is claiming Executive Privilege, just like the guilty Nixon screamed for it.  If Obama were NOT guilty, he’d have no reason to cry, “Executive Privilege,” anymore than Nixon did.

Here’s what in my little brain I’ve been swilling around…not an absolute…I’m just sayin’…think about this. ..Democrats like rats on a sinking ship are abandoning Obama including the Democrat Governor from West Virginia who has refused to attend the Democrat Convention.  Here’s a thought to consider…I think the chances are very good that Obama won’t be reelected this November giving him the perfect opportunity to pardon everyone involved in his administration with Fast and Furious.  Then they give Romney four years and with the evil anti-American, anti-west, communist, progressive mainstream media hating all conservative Republicans and the free-market system, there is certainly going to arise a favorite communist son (or daughter) in 2016 in the socialist Democrat Party.

Now remember this, Bill and Hillary hate Obama!  Hillary’s campaign was the one who released the picture of Obama dressed in Arab garb! (Picture below.)

So, with that thought swilling around in the back of my mind, I mulled this scenario over.  Let me know what you think, okay?

Here goes…This is what is known as a strategic retreat, not a defeat.  Let Obama go down in 2012.  Let Romney get elected.  Let Romney get hammered for 4 years in the hate-Republican communist mainstream media. (Think George W.)  And guess who emerges like the queen of heaven saving all from the evil Republicans and the entire world too — she will redeem the U.S.A. and restore our standing with the entire world — Hillary Clintoooooooon  in 2016!!!

It’s a win-win strategy for the communist Democrats all the way around!  The Dems give up four years in exchange for pardoning everyone in the Obama criminal administration.  Hey, it’s a good trade-off.  No prison time and they can arise again in 4 years!

Let me know what you think, okay?

Remember this, my friends, it was Eric Holder who helped Mark Rich get off the hook, to be pardoned back in the day.  Worked then, why not try it again.  I mean, I’m just sayin’.

The story behind the story: The purpose behind Fast and Furious in the Obama administration…is to disarm the American people.  To shout, look how evil guns are, we have to do away with the 2nd amendment.  Hitler and every despicable, reprobate tyrant knows they cannot take over an armed citizenry!  The first thing Hitler did was to disarm the Jews.

Here’s corroborating story links below.  Read ’em and weep for America.

Better yet, don’t weep, stand up and fight the evilness in our government!  Speak of it over your backyard fence, on Facebook, on your blogs, on Twitter, at Google+, on LinkedIn, and over the fax and phone, because ABC, NBC and CBS won’t.  According to Sean Hannity, NBC gave Fast and Furious 20 seconds in one story on their news and that was it!

ABC = Always Been Communist
NBC = Nothing But Communist
CBS = Communist Broadcasting System

The media is as communist as Obama, so you and I will have to be the ones to take them on!  If not you, then who?

▬  Donna Calvin

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Posted by Donna Calvin — Wednesday, June 20, 2012


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