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Food Nazi Alert II: Now They’re After Popcorn and Milk!

Steven Birn Speaks!

by Steven

Just a couple weeks ago New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg proposed a ban on the sale of pop if it is larger than 16oz. We here at Steven Birn Speaks roundly criticized Nanny Bloomberg’s proposal. The health board that will ultimately decide, in favor, of the over 16oz pop ban isn’t limiting its intrusion onto New Yorkers lives to sugary drinks. They’ve already fallen for the slippery slope argument, they’re proposing limits on the size of movie theater popcorn, milkshakes and milk heavy coffee drinks. Once they’ve banned large popcorn and limited your milkshake intake, one wonders what they’ll be after next.

The food nazi’s, really food socialists (nazi’s are socialists afterall), aren’t simply trying to combat the made up epidemic of obesity. They’re exactly the same as the global warming alarmists. They’re manufacturing a crisis and demanding massive control over our lives to combat a non-problem. The idea that people are suddenly fat today is ridiculous. People have been fat throughout human history, including people in our parents and grandparents generation. The average young American today for example is one inch and ten pounds heavier than the average world war two soldier. Heavier yes, but also taller which explains the added weight.

Here come da FOOD NAZI's! Michele Obama Leading the Attack!

We do not have a crisis of fat people. It’s completely made up and trumpeted by a media that will repeat anything that will gain power for the government. They focus on morbidly obese people who weigh 500 pounds or more and because the media focuses so much on these people others think it’s become normal when it has not. They’ve done the same thing with homosexuals. Nearly a third of young women think 25% or more of the population is homosexual when in reality around 2% are. It’s all because the media hypes homosexuals. The media is doing the same thing with the morbidly obese, they focus so much attention on them that people think that 500 pound fat cat ladies are everywhere when they aren’t.

The other thing to question is what we’re calling obese today. They’ve created the statistical levels so that nearly half of us fall into the obese category, even those who most of us would look at and assume are only a couple pounds overweight. If you’re 10 pounds over the health nazi’s “ideal” weight they’ll call you obese. These people then run to the media with their statistics and suddenly we’re all nervous and want someone (government) to “do something” about it.

Nanny Bloomberg and his board of health nuts has plans to “do something.” This includes limiting your access to the foods of your choice including pop, popcorn, milkshakes and creamy coffee drinks. These folks are just getting started to, in a couple weeks they’ll be banning double cheeseburgers, footlong hot dogs and large new york pizza slices. After that they’ll ban everything larger than a small french fry and bags of chips over a couple ounces. Then they’ll be after ice cream sundaes, no doubt Burger King’s bacon sundae will be first on the ban list, onion rings, pie, cake, new york cheesecake and fried chicken. Give these people time and they’ll ban everything fried, everything sweet and everything that tastes good.

Michael Bloomberg, Mayor New York City, Formerly a Democrat, then a Republican, now an Independent -- or just call him an anti-American Food Nazi!

The worst part about this is that if the Democrats dream of single payer healthcare ever passes, people will go right along with these infringements on food liberty because of an imagined healthcare cost savings. It matters not that the experts are lying about how fat people are, it matters not that they create artificially low weights in order to make us all obese. We’ll buy into freedom infringement because we imagine it will save us money. When it doesn’t, well we’ll have forgotten all about our freedom lost by then. It starts with Nanny Bloomberg’s pop ban. When will the infringement on liberty end?






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Posted by Donna Calvin — Wednesday, June 13, 2012


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