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Watchwoman I have not flown in years, so I don’t know, but because of these idiots in Arizona, I suppose we might guess that flashlights will no longer be allowed in our luggage. ▬ Donna Calvin


22 billboards warn against turning on discarded flashlights…


Flashlight bombs puzzle Phoenix authorities

It has only happened in Phoenix so far, but copycats are sure to get "turned on" to the thrill of seeing their havoc splayed across the TV's over the 11 o'clock news

PHOENIX (AP) — Flick the switch on these flashlights and they don’t light up. They blow up. Three of these bombs have exploded within the last month in the Phoenix area, causing minor injuries to five people and raising fears of more serious ones. Police still have no idea who is behind them and have taken the unusual step of putting up 22 billboards across the sprawling metro area to warn residents about discarded flashlights.

By AMANDA LEE MYERS – Jun 9, 3:31 AM EDT  – Associated Press

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An explosive was placed inside the flashlights with a smaller battery and rigged so that turning it on would send an electrical current that triggered the blast, Mangan said.

The first bomb was spotted by a passerby on May 13 in a suburb just west of Phoenix. It was sitting behind a palm tree in a strip mall and blew up when it was clicked on.

The next day, about 10 miles away, a landscaper found a flashlight in an irrigation ditch. It, too, exploded when he flicked the switch.

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A flashlight found in a similar Salvation Army donation bin exploded Thursday.

That explosion led to relatively minor injuries and created a fearful atmosphere that has police checking out numerous flashlights, just in case they might be rigged with explosives.

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