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Watchwoman on the Wall

Reported Unemployment Rates Do Not Reflect the Truth

Watchwoman: I’m no financial expert. Not anywhere near close to one. However, I am not obtuse either.  Please hear this!

Last month, they added 115,000 new jobs. That is not enough to keep up with new people entering the work force; therefore, as people enter the work force there’s fewer and fewer jobs available to each person who wants to work.

Also, as people’s unemployment compensation runs out after 99 weeks, they are no longer considered part of the unemployed work force. They just disappear from the unemployment government statistics. Viola, it looks like the unemployment is dropping, but it is actually increasing and the recession is, by that standard, getting much worse.


Go to where you’ll note that the real unemployment rate is 22.3%.  Also, check out there at what the real inflation rate is.

If you want the truth and to learn what the government is not telling you, go to

The following is from another source revealing the same thing that the U.S. Government is fudging on the unemployment rates and feeding the American population a crop of happy talk.

If the government were being truly honest with you and me, my friend, they would be telling us how many of American citizens are working instead of what the percentage of how many of the people are unemployed.   ▬  Donna Calvin



People Not In Labor Force Soar By 522,000, Labor Force Participation Rate Lowest Since 1981

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 05/04/2012 08:40 -0400

It is just getting sad now. In April the number of people not in the labor force rose by a whopping 522,000 from 87,897,000 to 88,419,000.  This is the highest on record.


The flip side, and the reason why the unemployment dropped to 8.1% is that the labor force participation rate just dipped to a new 30 year low of 64.3%.


Labor force participation Rate:

People not in labor force:


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Posted by Donna Calvin — Saturday, May 5, 2012


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posted May 18, 2012 at 8:16 pm

Why don’t you look at a chart of employment records from the Labor department comparing George W. Bush’s to Obama’s. Or even scarier, to the former Democratic President Clinton who had 23 millions jobs added during his term while raising taxes on top earners and the gas tax. Clinton had a budget surplus when he left, which Bush turned into trillions in deficit and led to near economic collaps – and you want to blame Obama? Com’on.

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Donna Calvin

posted May 14, 2012 at 3:10 pm


Actually Duhbya inherited it from the first black POTUS, the impeached rapist Clintoon. And before that, of course, there was a lousy miserable economy that was created by the first communist in office FDR! Or mayby it was the lusting in his heart socialist Jimmy the peanut farmer, Carter, ruining every thing who couldn’t even get our hostages released. So why blame Duhbya? If you can go back forever and ever, John, why can’t I? Cry-baby-bama can’t do it, so it has to be Duhbya’s fault. Except BHO campaigned and WON because he said he could do it in a year after electing him. I guess BHO’s a liar? Or just incompetent? Either way or both, let’s not give BHO a second term! Throw the commie bums out! BHO taking America FORWARD right into the pits of depression! Elect BHO again and find out just how many more jobs he can lose for Americans! Dare to try it?

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posted May 14, 2012 at 12:10 pm

@messup or in 2013 under Obama, with a Democratic majority in both the House and the Senate things could get better. Obama inherited this mess from Duhbya, and the Republicans in the House and Senate have been, for the last 4 yrs thorwing a hissy fit because the American public in an honest election rejected the Tea Bag conservatism. There goal is to get the black guy with the funny name out of the White House. We need to reject Citizens United, stop Corporations from outsourcing our jobs, and get back to caring about each other again.

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posted May 14, 2012 at 2:42 am

Both numbers are “real.” It has been this way for many years, and is not a new Obama-thing. And many people went back to school, hundreds of thousands in fact, in order to train for a better job as the economy turns around.

People, the economy IS getting better. Blame some of the employment woes on mostly large companies, who still outsource to foreign countries in the thousands each month (the US Department of Labor keeps tabs on this as we the taxpayers mostly pay for retraining and extended UI benefits for these people.

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posted May 7, 2012 at 11:32 am

Both France and Greece voted for more socialism by ushering in two left leaning President-elect. And Europeans are smart?

Socialist Policies Result In High Unemployment

(5 May 2012) European residents are paying for the long-term deficit spending by Socialist politicians as they redistributed income / wealth.

In March, the unemployment rates in the 17 Eurozone and 27 European Union (EU) countries were 10.9% and 10.2%, respectively. The rate in Spain was 24.1% and it was 21.7% in Greece (January).

In March, the under-25 unemployment rates in the Eurozone and EU were 22.1% and 22.6%, respectively. The rate in Spain was 51.1% and it was 51.2% in Greece (January). (Source: 2 May 2012 Eurostat)

Who’s going to pay for all the entitlements?

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posted May 6, 2012 at 2:02 am

Obama’s claims the economy is “turning around” isn’t borne out by facts. reports hiring fell in all 50 major metropolitan areas in March:Cleveland, Akron, Grand Rapids, and West Palm Beach had double-digit declines.In all the US there are 3 people for every 1 job. Example: Bank of America is cutting 30,000 jobs in consumer banking and technology over the next 3 years.

There are areas of growth: legal profession=166% and military=239%. HR jobs posted are outpacing hiring.

5 major sectors of US economy hardest hit:
1)Dept Stores and Big Boxes
2003-2008 they accounted for 13.6% of all private sector jobs. Since 2010, this sector shrank to only 9%. E-Tailing is strongest competitor.
Jobs lost in March = 33,800
Jobs added in April = 6,400
Jobs lost in April = 1,300
2) TV, Movie and Music
Motion Picture and Recording
-Stagnant Job growth
– Studio jobs have been replaced by Protools and Apple’s GarageBand software.

3) Travel
Hiring fell by 7.1% in April
– American airlines cut 13,000 jobs
Transportation Industry(rail, trucking)
Hiring fell by 2.8% in April

4) Amusement and Gaming
Leisure and Hospitality added some 12,000 jobs in April
Amusement and Gambling job losses were 7,700 in April and 3.700 in March
Employment total year-to-year = 340,000

5) Childcare Services
Jobs in this sector have been falling since 2007
In April, job loss was 1,000 after falling 3,700 in March

This data coupled with 14 factories/day closing their doors since 2001 (for a total of 56,240), 26 “Green Energy” companies going bankrupt since March 2011 (to March 2012), 45 coal fired electricity producing plant closures with another 120 or so scheduled for closing in 2012 (by EPA), and 6 coal mines closed with another 14 to be closed by EPA in 2012. Only sector actively adding jobs is government: 1979 = 64.9 million to 2010 = 112.1 million. College graduates have only one sector to apply for…government.

Without cheap energy (renewable energy costs are up 32%) and viable manufacturing…America’s jobs picture will deteriorate further. In 2013, under Obama, this will accelerate even faster. God Bless America. Amen.

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