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Watchwoman: Read the 1st item, an article that Ann Romney wrote for Mother’s Day, a tender, sweet reminiscence.

Alas, there’s no good deed that can come forth from any Republican without an outrageous rebuttal from the libs.  Anything that makes Republicans look human gives rise to a cause that cannot go unpunished.  Liberals are so terrified of any thing good being printed by a Republican, they have to destroy it and the communist American mainstream media gives them a platform!  Liberal Michelle Goldberg, Newsweek and Daily Beast columnist, on MSNBC spewed forth her loathing for Ann Romney, lashed out with the usual hate mongering Hitler/Stalin talk in gory, ugly, disparaging mud right from the bottom of her bowels!  Goldberg quickly revealed her  hatred, her abhorrence, in her detestable words for anyone or anything conservative, like a stay-at-home mom.  It’s important to annihilate anyone or anything that sounds human written by Ann Romney, after all, she is a conservative, therefore, an enemy who must be destroyed.  Mrs. Ann Romney must be shown to be an EVIL person, just because she is Republican.  No good text can remain intact without being rebutted because she is married to the man who is opposing their idolobama, the messiahobamnunist, for the presidency of the USA.  Does it matter that it is Mother’s Day and Ann is the mother of five boys?  Heavens no!  Crush her!  Not only do liberal feminists hate real mothers, they hate everything clean and wholesome as American as apple pie.  Just ask Michele Obama!  Apple pie is EVIL!  It’s fattening and is made with saturated fat (lard).

Following Mrs. Mitt Romney’s sweet, loving article, read item #2 — the reaction of a conservative father of three, Steven Birn, a lawyer in Michigan, who reacts to the hateful words of the  fem-lib-left directed towards Ann Romney.

Third, read the hateful words of and angry, lib-fem Michele Goldberg, in Item #3 of 3.  It will disgust you!

After you’re done reading Goldberg’s remarks, ask yourself  . . . What does the government in the United States of America give mothers on welfare every time they have another child?

▬ Donna Calvin


Item #1 of 3

Ann Romney: Three seasons of motherhood

By Ann Romney

It’s hard to imagine now, but before the birth of my first child, I had never held a baby. Not once, not in my entire life. No baby at home to tend, no niece or nephew to babysit. So you can imagine, the day my first boy was born I felt woefully unprepared.

A tradition of lilacs: “On Mother’s Day,” Ann Romney writes, “Mitt always brings me lilacs, a tradition he started the year I became a mother.”


My mother took pity on me and stayed for two weeks, but that wasn’t nearly enough time. As she was preparing to leave, I cried like I was the baby. I told her that I wasn’t ready, that I had no idea what to do. In her smile I saw the truth. Ready or not, my son couldn’t wait, and somehow, I would make it through.

Of course, she was right. Some might say it was the mothering gene kicking in, the same one that every mom throughout history has possessed. Maybe. But I don’t think so. I was a good mom because my own mom was the best.

I suppose my mother was somewhat unusual for her time. At 30 she was — and expected she always would be — a career woman. She worked as a cosmetics rep and was happy in that job. She never expected to get married, but then she found the one man in all the world who could change her mind — my dad.

The same passion she had for her work she poured into being a mother. I never lacked for confidence or a sense of self-worth. How could I when my mom seemed to think I had hung the moon? People would tell her, as people are wont to do with little girls, that she had a beautiful daughter. “If only you knew,” she would say, “how much more beautiful she is on the inside.”

Ringleader and troublemaker

Such words gave me my place in the world. She let me be who I was, which meant playing baseball and football with the boys, and catching frogs and hunting for snakes out behind the house. I think the thing she loved the most was that I was always the ringleader, always more likely to get others into trouble than to follow along.

Growing up as her daughter is what prepared me to be a mother myself. So began a different phase of my life. People often ask me what it was like to raise five boys. I won’t sugarcoat it. There were times I wanted to tear my hair out. I can remember visiting my friends’ houses, seeing their daughters’ manners, the way they helped with the chores. Then I would return home to my boys, hoping only that my house was still intact.

Still, those were wonderful times. My boys had a way of putting their emotions and their disputes on the table. And more important, they had a way of leaving them there, of walking away without worrying about the things that might distance them, or letting hard feelings fester and grow. That directness and forgiveness shaped me into who I am today.

I’m a grandmother now. In fact, the gift I received this Mother’s Day is two more wonderful grandchildren, twins, bringing the total to 18.

As every grandparent knows, it’s a different role than being a mother or a daughter. I am able to adore the grandchildren, and to smile as my children go through the same struggles I went through when they were young. I’ve lived through three seasons of motherhood, and I have seen the beauty in each.

A tradition of lilacs

On Mother’s Day, Mitt always brings me lilacs, a tradition he started the year I became a mother. When our home is filled with their fragrance, it reminds me of so many things, and stirs so many emotions. I think of my five sons and the women they married, whom I love as if I had raised them. They have become my daughters.

And I think about my mother. I remember she was a wonderful cook. I remember how much she loved my dad. Ours was a loving home, where I knew the light was always on. I wish I could tell her again how much I love her. The most trying time of my life was when I became the mother who had to take care of her as she was suffering in the last stages of ovarian cancer. The hardest thing for us all, I think, is the day we lose our moms.

Crown of glory

Cherish your mothers. The ones who wiped your tears, who were at every ball game or ballet recital. The ones who believed in you, even when nobody else did, even when maybe you didn’t believe in yourself.

Women wear many hats in their lives. Daughter, sister, student, breadwinner. But no matter where we are or what we’re doing, one hat that moms never take off is the crown of motherhood.

There is no crown more glorious.

Ann Romney is the wife of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

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Item #2 of 3

Steven Birn Speaks!

War On Women: Left Attacks Ann Romney

by Steven

Steve Birn Speaks :

Ann Romney seems like a perfectly nice lady. She was a stay at home mom who raised five sons. She is largely in the background concerning her husband’s campaign. If Mitt gets elected, Mrs. Romney will be a fine First Lady who like Laura Bush stays in the background while publicly doting on her husband. Like Mrs. Bush, Mrs. Romney is likely to focus her attention on something benign, like literacy, while keeping out of her husband’s way politically. This is a stark contrast to the last two Democrat First Ladies who got in their husband’s way and at times created problems for them.

If one were to listen to Newsweek/Daily Beast writer and MSNBC contributor Michelle Goldberg, Ann Romney is a half a step away from Hitler or Stalin. Goldberg attacked Mrs. Romney on one of MSNBC’s shows, literally bringing up Hitler and Stalin concerning an op-ed Mrs. Romney wrote in USA Today. The opinion piece was little more than a Mother’s Day article about honoring mothers. From that Goldberg determined that Mrs. Romney is practically Hitler and if not Hitler than she’s at least authoritarian and of course by extension so is her husband. Make no mistake, Goldberg is using Ann to attack Mitt. (as though Mitt doesn’t offer plenty of things to attack all on his own)

What Goldberg has done is reveal, yet again, the lefts hatred for stay at home mothers. Ann Romney has a degree from Harvard but rather than pursing a paying career she chose to stay at home and raise her sons. It’s a decision millions of families make each year, most of which sacrifice in order to make it happen. The left cannot stand this, it destroys the feminist narrative they’ve been pushing since the 60’s.

There have been snide remarks made by liberals about stay at home moms for years. In 1992 Hillary Clinton created a ruckus when she declared she wasn’t going to stay at home and bake cookies, as though that’s what stay at home mothers spend their day doing. Now that the left is pushing the phony GOP war on women, what we really see is that the left is really projecting their own hatred of women on conservatives. The fact is, the left doesn’t think much of women who stay at home. A woman who chooses to enter the workforce is a leftist hero, a woman who chooses to stay at home and raise her kids has betrayed her sex.

This is Ann Romney’s great sin, she’s betrayed her sex by staying at home. Make no mistake, they view Romney’s degree from Harvard as a complete waste because she didn’t “do” anything with it. The fact though is that Mrs. Romney’s lifetime work is essential work. The family is the most important element in society. Mrs. Romney recognizes this, implicitly the left does as well. The left knows the importance of traditional family, which is why they want to tear it down, redefine it or replace it with the state. Ann Romney not only betrays her sex, she is a threat to other leftist goals as well.

For all the talk of civility in politics from the left after the Gabrielle Giffords shooting, they have utterly failed to be civil even to the most benign of Republicans. Ann Romney hasn’t uttered a controversial statement in her entire life. She’s been in the background of Mitt’s Presidential campaign, appearing infrequently and speaking even less. That she is the object of attack from the left, for little reason more than she was a stay at home mom, shows us what the far left is really all about.

Steven | May 14, 2012 at 12:41 pm | Steve Birn Speaks :
Item #3 of 3

Newsweek Columnist Likens “Insufferable” Ann Romney To Hitler, Stalin

Michelle Goldberg compares Ann Romney to Hitler and Stalin

“Part of it is they are trying to reignite this controversy, right? I mean, they also have out this new Super PAC ad out about basically: Is Ann Romney under attack for being a mother? To me, it’s still kind of amazing that they’re still milking this thing. You know?” Newsweek and Daily Beast columnist Michelle Goldberg said on MSNBC.

“It can’t only be me that kind of initially saw Ann Romney as maybe a sympathetic or neutral figure but who is increasingly seeing her as someone who is kind of insufferable because of the way she’s milking this thing,” Newsweek and Daily Beast columnist Michelle Goldberg said about Ann Romney writing a column about raising her children.

Goldberg found Ann Romney’s glowing praise of motherhood in a column she wrote for USA Today to be “kind of creepy.” During an appearance on MSNBC’s weekend program “Up with Chris Hayes,” Goldberg said the phrase “the crown of motherhood,” which Ann Romney used in her column, reminded her of “authoritarian societies” that give out awards for large families.

“In a lot ways, the column was totally anodyne, right? She’s, you know, yes, motherhood is beautiful. I found that phrase, ‘the crown of motherhood’ really kind of creepy. Not just because of it’s somewhat — you know, it’s kind of really authoritarian societies that give out like a Cross of Motherhood. They give out awards for big families,” Goldberg said on the program’s panel.

“You know, Stalin did it, Hitler did it,” she said.

“The other part of it is that it plays into this thing of what we, you know. We have this kind of compact in the United States, where what we deny women in social support, or status or kind of economic security, we make up for in, in sort of insipid condescending praise,” Goldberg concluded.

Haven’t had enough audacity from Michele Goldberg — See Video and Read more:


Posted by Donna Calvin — Monday, May 14, 2012


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