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Watchwoman: I pray that you will watch this amazing video.  It’s called “180” because it has turned people around 180 degrees from being stoutly pro-abort to being pro-life without offending them!  It will take about 33 minutes of your time, but it will show you examples of what you might want to say to someone one day, as you see a gentleman named Ray Comfort, who witnesses to a few people, some who are kind, normal every-day people, some strange people who never heard of someone as infamous as Hitler, and even some very hard-core unbelievers who are more than a tad off beat, someone you or I would never approach on the street.  Would you sacrifice 33 minutes of your time to watch a fascinating movie, an entertaining movie, a engrossing movie if it would save a baby’s life?  Would you like to see how easy it is for Ray Comfort to give the gospel message and hear decisions for Christ?  How long have you been sitting at your computer?  If you bring over your sandwich that you’re going to have later for lunch with a cup of coffee, please just sit here with me for your lunch break, nibble on that sandwich.  Then for the next 33 minutes watch this movie while you eat your lunch.  I know I can promise you that you will never regret that you did.  May God be with you in the name of Jesus Christ.  Amen.  ▬  Donna Calvin



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Posted by Donna Calvin — Friday, May 25, 2012


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