Watchwoman on the Wall

Watchwoman: Question? Why when Bush was prez, he was said to be in cahoots with Big Oil, according to the communist mainstream media, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and comedians including Leno, Letterman and the other write your comic monologues using the Democrat talking points to boost poll numbers to give their Marxist/Socialist agenda free positive advertising time, but now that their commie-oil-boy is in the White House, you don’t hear a word about Obama in bed with Big Oil, yet prices have increased for gasoline way more under Obama than Bush.  Under Obamautomatic-price-hikes, gasoline has increased 86%.  And Obamautomatic huge gouging at the pumps is going to eat more of your dollars with more pain at the pump.  Got answers?   . . .   Obama was right about one thing, all you’ll get is the change, ’cause he’s gonna get all your dollars from the pump to increased taxes, and from outrageously increased health care costs.  Heads up Seniors, you’ll be making a decision whether to eat or buy your Rx’s with the new exorbitant price hikes on your prescription drugs (I know, I’m already paying them!  Thank you, Obamacare — which should be called Obama-not-so-caring.)  ▬ Donna Calvin

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