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Watchwoman: I have not addressed Whitney Houston’s death, for one, because the media has been covering it to the point where I’m beginning to dislike the song, “I have always loved you.” The media goes berserk over every star’s death, ad nauseam.  Secondly, I am grossly uninterested in Hollyweirdos mega rock star’s sin-filled lives and God-hating carrying on.  In fact, I wouldn’t be writing a word now, except for the following incisive article by Bill O’Reilly concerning the death of Houston and the media’s problem with it.  Bill rightly postulates, “The national media prides itself on being non-judgmental unless you are against abortion. Then you are dismissed as “anti-woman” or a religious zealot. But in the arena of personal behavior, there’s an excuse for just about every non-violent activity or bad decision.”(unquote)  (Although in many cases the media ignores the star’s violent activities, they are all union-communist controlled with an agenda.)  Any religious decent human, who is a pro-life conservative cannot help but noticing the intense hatred and bias spouted off by Hollyweirdos,  the media hate-all-that-is-decent mongers in print and on TV daily adoring the deadly sins of the stars on the news, in every venue of entertainment, from music to Oprah, The View, to Leno, to Letterman, to Saturday Night Live and everything in between.  The air waves hate the All-Powerful and Righteous God of the Holy Bible and all His Laws. O’Reilly addresses how the media overlooked Houston’s date with destiny because they love sin so much they simply didn’t know how to address her drug addiction and date with the inevitable end to her self-destructive behavior.  Recently, a young former star quarter back in 2007 for a local high school in Garfield Heights, Ohio, who is now imprisoned for his drug usage and dealing was interviewed on a local news program. The former high school hero now declared how grateful he was to be in prison because the only other outcome for drug addicts is death.  He sees prison as his rescuer saying, “If I wouldn’t

Roger Martin

have been put in prison, I would have died.”  I was having lunch with a producer and another man, Roger Martin, several years ago who had once been a rising star in the country music field, got on drugs, and was by that time working for a local radio station with a 40 watt output — that’s the output of a dull light bulb.  Martin confessed with utter acceptance and devastating defeat in his voice that he knew he was soon going to die of his drug usage.  He knew it was killing him, but he couldn’t stop.  He was right, he died a few months later. Locally, people wrote his name all over street bridges to memorialize him, but what good did that do Martin anymore than the media carrying on about Michael Jackson for weeks and memorializing Houston on every newscast?  None of them can see it or benefit from the attention from where they are locked in eternity forever.  The media is complicit in their aiding and abetting sin.  One day the media moguls will stand before a very angry and Judgmental God who will sentence them for their helping so many to die from drugs and alcohol abuse by overlooking and excusing it.  And God will ask them, “Where is (insert name of the dead over-dosed star or sodomite) ? And they will answer, “I know not: Am I my brother’s keeper?” [cf. Genesis 4:9] And then comes the judgment — because — God has already told us in Hebrews 9:27…it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment.  ▬ Donna Calvin




Why Whitney Died___________________________

Bill O'Reilly, Fox News Commenator

by Bill O’Reilly

…the Whitney Houston story should be covered as a cautionary tale—another life vanquished by substance abuse.

The media has no bleepin’ clue how to cover the death of Whitney Houston. That’s because she was slowly dying for years, and many in the press simply averted their eyes. It was ultra-disturbing that a beautiful woman blessed with an extraordinary singing voice chose a self-destructive path in full view of the world. I mean, here is a person who signed a $100 million recording contract, actually sold 170 million albums, and commanded high six figures to deliver a 90-minute concert. Ms. Houston was a genuine worldwide star, yet was often seen in public disheveled and confused, her substance addiction apparent. The media simply did not know what to say.

We live in a time where addiction is categorized as a disease, and to do what Nancy Reagan once did, urge people to reject narcotics, is considered uncool. How many young performers do we see doing public service announcements warning children to avoid intoxication? Right now, I can’t think of one.

The national media prides itself on being non-judgmental unless you are against abortion. Then you are dismissed as “anti-woman” or a religious zealot. But in the arena of personal behavior, there’s an excuse for just about every non-violent activity or bad decision.

There is no question that some of us have a history of addiction in our families. There are folks who can use drugs casually and avoid dependence. But they are the exception. Once a person decides to dabble in cocaine, or opiates like heroin and Oxycontin, they are putting themselves at grave risk. And they know it. There are legends of famous people who wound up dead just like Whitney Houston. From Elvis Presley to Michael Jackson, the signposts are impossible to miss. No matter how rich and powerful you are, drugs can and will destroy you.

The current medical marijuana ruse is a great example of a society walking away from a responsible position. Ask any drug rehab counselor and he or she will tell you that pot often leads a person to harder drug use and is mentally addictive itself. Yes, most people can function while stoned. But the more you alter your mind, the more your perspective on life changes. Believe me, I know people who get stoned or drunk every day. They become incredibly desensitized to those around them.

On the kid front, the situation is dire. Once a child enters the world of intoxication, their childhood is gone. Presto—they are jaded. That’s how dangerous drugs and alcohol are to immature minds. Society has an obligation to protect its children, not to tacitly accept or embrace mind-altering agents like marijuana.

Whitney Houston, however, was an adult who made a decision to embrace the drug life. Reports say she tried to rehabilitate herself a few times, but you know how that goes. Once a person enters the hell of addiction, there is no easy way out.

And that’s how the Whitney Houston story should be covered. As a cautionary tale. Another life vanquished by substance abuse.

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