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Watchwoman: It’s not just Seattle drivers, we come from the Cleveland Area and we know how to drive in anything because we get everything — and everything can happen any day from January to June to December! We are used to it, but head down south to the Carolinas, Georgia, Florida, etc., and it is just plain hysteria when it snows for those southern wimps!  Anyway, these videos have gone viral. Enjoy!  After all, you’re safe at home by your computer — or are you at work — having to look forward to driving home in this slop.  Either way, enjoy.  ▬  Donna Calvin


This is what happens to Seattle drivers in the snow. Filmed on First Hill/Capitol Hill at Boren Ave. and University St. on Jan 15, 2012.  Note that they are putting chains on the REAR wheels of a front wheel drive. Have fun with that

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