Watchwoman on the Wall

“I Won’t Have A Chance” To Meet Them

After giving faint praise to the “Occupy” movement on today’s “Morning Joe” broadcast, the head of the Democratic party Debbie Wasserman Schultz says she doesn’t have time to meet with them.

The “Occupy” demonstrators went to the DNC’s “war room” office in Des Moines over the weekend in an attempt to meet her, but she was not in town. However, now that she is, Wasserman Schultz says “I probably won’t have a chance to talk to to them.”

“I probably won’t have a chance to talk to them while I’m here but I have talked to Occupy Wall Street folks over the last few months, I’ve been publicly supportive of them. I think that they are well within their rights to be frustrated,” she said on MSNBC.


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