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First Sunday of Advent, Light One Purple Candle in the Advent Wreath

Watchwoman:  No posts yesterday, Monday, December 12, 2011.  I did my Christmas Cards.  I love Christmas and every tradition associated with the miracle of the Virgin birth of Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit of God.  It does not matter when it happened, only that it happened.  I’m thrilled and I love to celebrate the Incarnation of my Beloved Messiah with great joy, bright lights, decorated Christmas trees, gift giving, Merry Christmas wishes, wrapping paper, tinsel, the illuminated Nativity Scene in my front yard and another huge indoor display in my family room, fruit cake, Christmas cookies, Christmas candy, red and green wreaths hung in my windows and front door, red velvet bows, plush red stockings hung on our fireplace, even the snow (when it comes, so far we’ve had none), Christmas music, because Christmas comes when it is the darkest time of the year — but Jesus brings the Light of the World to the world!  Celebrate!  Celebrate! Celebrate.  But I’ve written this in purple because that is the color of Advent.  In this season of Advent, prepare your hearts now, for the Light of the World is coming!  But, most of all, prepare for His Second Coming!  Because He’s coming again!  ▬ Donna Calvin  

2nd Sunday of Advent, Light Second Candle




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