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UPDATE – 12-8-2011 – RU-486, THE BABY-MURDER ABORTION PILL IS NOT YET GOING TO BE ON SUPERMARKET SHELVES FOR EVERYONE TO BUY WITHOUT AN RX – – –  Y E T!!!  – – –  Thank you, God, for sparing us for this time.  Thank you, Sweet Jesus, for granting a positive outcome to our ardent prayers prayed in Your Name.  However, decent people and parents, don’t be led into inaction. These evildoers, the followers of Satan, have not changed their minds, but they stuck their fingers in the air and found out that they just couldn’t get it done yet, so they’ve said they won’t sell RU-486 over the counter YET!  But don’t think for a moment that this is shelved forever.  Evil never stops doing its evil deeds.  Now that you know what they want, be aware, my conservative, Bible-believing Christian friends.  Get your heads out of the sand and listen to the evil creeping up all over the place.  It’s all around you.  Pay attention.  Maybe a 3 or 4-year old cannot yet buy RU-486, but believe me, they won’t stop until they get it so he/she can. Right now they have to be 17!  Seventeen is considered too young to drink, too young to serve in the military, too young to vote  — and rightly so — but now they can murder their children without letting their parents know.  And there’s always the evil school nurse who has friends at Planned Murder, Inc. (aka Planned Parenthood) who can get any evil murdering bloody abortionist with a degree to write the Rx.  God help the righteous, because the evil doers love to murder the innocent unborn!  It is the blood of the communion of the Satanic murderers who reside at Planned Murder, Inc.!  Pray for the thousands who will be murdered today at Planned Murder, Inc. at the hands of someone claiming to be a doctor!  God help them, those who are about to suffer, to be burned, to be hacked to pieces, to have their brains sucked out, and to be murdered for convenience sake.▬ Donna Calvin 

Watchwoman: Obama is the most pro-abortion president this country has ever had and as a result America is being set aside by God.  God calls murdering children a sin and commands that we are not to do it!  (Leviticus 18:21) and as a bona fide Christian, I believe with all that is within me, that America will be reaping the curses of Deuteronomy 28. Read the entire chapter and if this doesn’t scare you, you are NOT a believer and a fool!  Obama’s policies are the worst things that could happen to the USA and YOUR wallet — because wealth is considered a blessing and blessings will not be coming to the USA because of murdering the unborn.  Should you be standing by and by your silence aiding and abetting the murder of the unborn?  Bible-believing Christian, is it a sin to keep quiet?  Is Obama overstepping his power?  Is this an abuse of presidential power?  Is this a real hate crime against those who are murdered by Obama’s decrees of his administration?  Is this a flagrant violation of what the liberals want, separation of church and state?   Where are the voices of those who should be speaking up for the most helpless of all, the unborn innocent children who are being slaughtered in their mother’s wombs?  Where is your voice, Christian?  Do you realize that this means that a 5 year old child could buy RU-486, just like a 5 year old can buy toothpaste?  This is horrible!  ▬  Donna Calvin


 Obama Considers Morning-After Pill on Supermarket Shelves…   (

The Washington Post reports that, under President Obama and his Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, the Food and Drug Administration is considering letting “anyone of any age buy the controversial morning-after pill Plan B directly off drugstore and supermarket shelves without a prescription.” The Post writes,

“The Food and Drug Administration has until Wednesday to respond to a request from the drug’s manufacturer to make the pill as easy to get as toilet paper and toothpaste….

“Opponents, however, say such a decision would expose girls and women to potential risks from taking high doses of a potent hormone, interfere with parents’ ability to monitor their children and make it easier for men to prey on vulnerable minors….

“[The] pill would move out from behind pharmacists’ counters, eliminating the requirement that women produce a prescription or prove that they are at least 17 years old to get it without a doctor’s order. Instead, Plan B would be available on store shelves, along with condoms, contraceptive sponges and spermicides.

“‘Hopefully, it will be right on the shelves between the condoms and the pregnancy tests,’ said Kirsten Moore of the Reproductive Health Technologies Project, a Washington-based advocacy group….

“Plan B consists of a synthetic form of progesterone; this hormone is found in many standard birth-control pills, but Plan B contains it at higher doses….

“‘It’s not a drug that prevents life — it’s a drug that destroys life,’ said Jeanne Monahan of the Family Research Council, a conservative advocacy group. ‘If we define life as beginning at fertilization or conception, then this drug can be an abortifacient.’”

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