Watchwoman on the Wall

Watchwoman: This is sooooooooo funny! In America, when we get so frustrated with things that have gotten so out of control, what is left to do, but laugh! laughlaugh!  You will laugh at this Larry the Cable Guy video.  If the ACLU and Obama and the rest of his liberal crowd had their way, this is how you would have to read, “Twas the Night Before . . . that non-specific holiday . . . ”  E N J O Y!  And laugh at the gringeful idiots who hate you and me and the Lord that was born in that lowly manger over 2000 years ago to save the world from Satan’s power (i.e. the gringeful idiots)!  So click below on the big arrow in the center and E N J O Y …  ▬  Donna Calvin

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