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Bob Murphy, Host

Guest, Rusty Bliss, U. S. Senate Candidate Ohio

Host, Carey Masci, Tea Party Liaison


Host Bob Murphy along with Co-host Dale Fellows, Tea Party Liaison Carey Masci, our own US Senate Candidate and special guest Eugene Shatsman of National Strategic were in the studio and on air.
I was a little disappointed with the show because we didn’t fully explore what our guest Eugene Shatsman owner of National Strategic had to say about lobbying and how difficult it can be to do business in Ohio. Eugene mentioned this on air but quickly National Strategic was hired by a tequila manufacturer to market and get the product on the shelves in Ohio.

I thought what Eugene had to say would be educational for all to hear especially considering that Speaker Newt Gingrich is leading in the GOP presidential polls who was a paid lobbyist. To some lobbyist’s are a big deal and they get blamed for controlling or pushing politicians to do favors or in a certain direction that would benefit the business they are representing.

But if what Eugene has to say is true, and there is no doubt he isn’t, lobbyist’s are needed in some cases to do business. And if they are needed in Ohio then I am sure they are needed even more so dealing with our federal government. Because whether you are for or against, like or dislike tequila or liquor in general doesn’t matter, it is a legal product.

Let me put it this way and quote something Governor Kasich said during an interview about the casinos. He said “Whether I am for casinos or not doesn’t matter, the people voted it in and I need to make sure it gets done.”

Its no wonder why then Ohio and America as a whole is lagging in job creation just look at all the regulations and bureaucracy we have. So before we get rid of the lobbyist’s we best cut some of the red tape or nothing will get done. And that’s the bottom line, pro-business – pro-growth.

Now about these debates. I don’t know about you but I am all debated out. Sure I still watch each and every one of them so I can keep abreast of the latest but what more can be said?

We are in the information age. We no longer need to rely on just the debates to base our decision on whom to vote for. All we need to do is go online and do some research on their records. Sure a a few debates are needed to judge how a person will react to a surprise question and or how they respond in the limelight but we are now bordering on the ridiculous, especially concerning the upcoming debate with Trump. The Trump debate to me is really lowering the standard of the highest office in the land.

I understand that some of the candidates such as Santorum have to accept all offers because this is the only way that they can at least get some air time but I also feel that maybe the main stream media is holding so many in hopes that the GOP candidates will trip up, as some have done, or make us so sick of them that Obama comes across as more palatable.

What ever the reason for so many is I’ve had enough.

Carey Masci
Not blowing my own horn here but I told you months ago on America News and Views that Michael Jackson’s death was murder. I only bring it up to raise awareness of the wide array of topics we discuss and our talk about the true story behind the story. We give you the facts and we hope you continue to tune in.
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Bob Murphy

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