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Watchwoman: Anyone who has ever had a beloved pet will be so glad to hear these killers are doing time for their crime for killing an innocent puppy.  My dog means so much to me and every pet I’ve ever owned has.  My heart goes out to this Navy Seal hero.  I will never understand child abuse, animal abuse, elder abuse or hurting anything or anyone less powerful than oneself.  My heart is melted by children, pets, elderly and feeble people. How anyone can commit crimes against the helpless, especially the unborn (abortion).  It is this behavior of man that so outrages me that provokes me to take action!  That is why I do this blog.  That is why I fight for God’s Will to be done on planet earth. If God’s Will and His Law-Word were followed on planet earth, we’ d literally have heaven on earth!  Jesus said:  “But whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea.” [Matthew 18:6]   Of course, these two evildoers can repent and be saved.  Nevertheless, repentance is more than just saying a couple of words and getting off scot-free.  No way!  True repentance that results in salvation covered in the blood of Jesus Christ is much more.  It means making a complete turn around, turning from one’s wicked ways, making restitution, and trying one’s best to serve the LORD in every deed and thought.  To learn more and begin the process of true repentance and living a victorious life in Christ, please go to: – – a previous post on Watchwoman – and be saved by the blood of Jesus Christ.  ▬  Donna Calvin



Marcus Luttrell, a highly decorated Navy Seal and author of “Lone Survivor,” is still hurting three years after the murder of his beloved Yellow Labrador, DASY, by a group of thugs in Texas.


Today, Luttrell has received some measure of closure, as two of the perpetrators who shot and killed his beloved companion have been sentenced to prison time.

Luttrell, a true American hero who was the lone survivor from his fire team after an insurgent attack in Afghanistan, took the stand Thursday in the “cruelty to non-livestock animals trial” of Alfonso Hernandez, one of the two accused in the case.

Hernandez was found guilty of a state felony by a Walker County jury.

Another suspect, Michael Edmonds, pleaded guilty to the same state charge two days prior and admitted he was the one who fired the shot that killed DASY.

The night of the killing in April of 2009, Luttrell said he “heard a single gunshot, grabbed his pistol and ran next door to his mother’s residence to check on her. He then made his way down to the roadway, crawled underneath a fence and saw DASY had been shot.”

“I saw my dog in a ditch and two men standing outside the car,” Luttrell said, with his new service dog by his side on the stand. “I could hear them laughing.”

Law enforcement officers eventually caught up to the car with Luttrell’s help.

Marcus Luttrell, highly decorated Navy Seal and author of “Lone Survivor”

“I wanted to take a shot at the driver, but I figured if I missed and shot out the back window, I would not be able to catch them,” he added.

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