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December 2011 Archives

By Alix Strauss, Kirsten Stamn | Travel+Leisure                           An 80-pound wedge of Styrofoam cheese brings in the New Year in Plymouth, WI. (Richard Fellenz) New Year’s Eve is […]

Lebanon, PA Weighing more than 100 pounds, the giant bologna that is dropped in this Pennsylvania city brings crowds from all over. The meat is later donated to local shelters. 9th and Cumberland Streets; (717) 273-7215; —Kirsten Stamn   […]

Bartlesville, OK In 2012, for the eighth year and counting, the town of Bartlesville will drop a giant green olive into a large martini glass that waits at the base of a 221-foot-tall building designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Price […]

Havre de Grace, MD Known for manufacturing duck decoys, Havre de Grace releases a mammoth 10-foot-by-15-foot wooden illuminated duck decoy. Created by a local resident, the faux fowl is released from a 102-foot ladder truck. Havre de Grace Middle School […]

Prairie du Chien, WI You’ll have to get in line for a good luck kiss from a 20-plus-pound fish in Prairie du Chien, where revelers await Lucky, the frozen carp. Donning a crown, the spray-painted fish is lowered 110 feet […]

Brasstown, NC A live opossum is lowered by a rope from a plexiglass cage in Brasstown, considered the opossum capital of the world. This may seem like a natural New Year’s festivity to longtime residents, but PETA has recently spoken […]

Hershey, PA A seven-foot, 300-pound silver Hershey’s kiss is raised 50 feet up the side of the Hershey Press Building—not dropped.  The reason why? Two children’s hospitals overlook the street where the event happens, letting sick kids kiss the New […]

Duncannon, PA A 10-foot sled makes its way down 110 feet from a restored fire lookout tower each New Year’s Eve at midnight. It’s a homage to the Lightning Guider, a sled manufactured at the Standard Sled Factory, which operated […]

Miami In Miami, never a destination to conform, folks gather at coastal Bayfront Park to count down the New Year by raising their ball: a giant, neon orange, complete with sunglasses—that staple local accessory. Bayfront Park; (305) 358-7550; —Joshua […]

Chincoteague Island, VA The heavily costumed festivities begin at 10:30 p.m. in Robert Reed Park, but everything comes to a halt when a lit-up horseshoe descends for the countdown. Chincoteague Chamber of Commerce; (757) 336-6161; —Joshua Pramis