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Rescue Dog Rescues Couple from a Home Invasion

This just happened very recently and I found this item at Yahoo and all over the Internet news sources.  It is such a warm and loving story, a perfect way to end my day with you.


Hercules was found wandering around, all alone and near starvation, underweight by 75% of the weight he should have been.  He needed veterinary intervention.  He was a very sick St. Bernard.

Lee and Elizabeth Littler took pity on the poor dog and took him home from the rescue shelter, but had no intention of keeping him. They only planned to help him get back to health and then find a permanent home.  They already had four other dogs.

Hercules became a hero when he rescued them from a home invasion.  They only had him for six or seven hours.  Hercules was in a new home with people he didn’t even know.  Still sick, he began to growl very low and then pulled out from the Lee’s hand who was holding him on a leash and crashed through their  screen door running after a would-be burglar.  Hercules jumped over a huge obstacle to continue the pursuit, a open pit staircase that lead to the lower level of the house.  Then without missing a heartbeat, he continued the pursuit to the edge of the property, and finally bit the offender in the ankle as the burglar tried climbing over a fence.

Good boy, Hercules!

The intruder was truly up to no good.  He had already cut the telephone lines.

Hercules, was just acting on the pure instinct of St. Bernards.

One thing is for sure, this rescue dog has now found a permanent home.

The burgler still has not been found by police.

Watch the video of Hercules, the Hero Dog!


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