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From: Lake County Right to Life
Sent: Mon, November 28, 2011 12:53:55 PM
Subject: Fw: Action Alert

This is extremely important! The bill is supposed to go to committee for discussion in the senate. We need to let these people know that we want this bill passed! Please do your part! Thanks so much!

Jacqui Fetsko
Executive Director LCRTL

Three Action Steps for passing Ohio’s Heartbeat Bill:
1. Call your own State Senator and urge him/her to pass the Heartbeat Bill without delay. Find your State Senator by typing in your zip code here.
2. Call Senate Leadership:
-Senate President Tom Niehaus (614) 466-8082
-Senator Keith Faber (614) 466-7584
-Senator Shannon Jones (614) 466-9737
3. Call all 33 Senators—or at least the ones you know or those who are near your area.
Republicans: (Asterisk indicates *Senate Leadership)

Kevin Bacon 614-466-8064
Bill Beagle 614-466-6247
Dave Burke 614-466-8049
Bill Coley 614-466-8072
David Daniels 614-466-8156
*Keith Faber 614-466-7584
Tim Grendell 614-644-7718
Cliff Hite 614-466-8150
Jim Hughes 614-466-5981
*Shannon Jones 614-466-9737
Kris Jordan 614-466-8086
Frank LaRose 614-466-4823
Peggy Lehner 614-466-4538
Gayle Manning 614-644-7613
*Tom Niehaus 614-466-8082
Larry Obhof 614-466-7505
Scott Oelslager 614-466-0626
Tom Patton 614-466-8056
Tim Schaffer 614-466-5838
Bill Seitz 614-466-8068
Troy Balderson 614-466-8076
Mark Wagoner 614-466-8060
Chris Widener 614-466-3780


Edna Brown 614-466-5204
Capri Cafaro 614-466-7182
Eric Kearney 614-466-5980
Tom Sawyer 614-466-7041
Joseph Schiavoni 614-466-8285
Michael Skindell 614-466-5123
Shirley Smith 614-466-4857
Charleta Tavares 614-466-5131
Nina Turner 614-466-4583
Jason Wilson 614-466-6508

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