Watchwoman on the Wall

by Donna Calvin

No comment.  That’s it. I’ve nothing more to say. No speculation. No condemnation. No backing off. No plunging forward into the fracas. No jumping on either the band wagon of support for Mr. Cain or leaping off with the rats abandoning a ship that just hit an iceberg.

When all the facts are in, then I’ll take a stand.


I will say three things and none of them are about Mr. Cain.

First, a comment about liberal feminism — What the liberal libs think is sexual harrassment is not harassment of themselves, but it’s actually their evil accusations against the male many times that will ruin his life — and that’s harassment way above and beyond the scope of the contrived or perceived offense supposedly committed by the named male  — and for no reason whatsoever, without justification or solid evidence, the man’s life and his family’s life is ruined — even his children are affected.  (Think white lacrosse college boys and a black stripper shouting, “Rape!”)

Second, I think there is a definite bias against all conservatives, but especially against black conservatives.  I think that some libs have a secret racist bias they would never admit to, even if someone had them hooked up to a lie detector that would give them a fatal electric shock if they lied.  I think some libs are closet black haters who subconsciously suspect that many (maybe even all) conservative black men want to subdue women harmfully and make them submit to their power.  I’m not even sure they know they feel this way.   (Think Clarence Thomas.)

Third, racist and biased anti-conservative libs have a complicit accomplice, the mainstream left-winged, socialist, Marxist, communist media represented by local and national networks including: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ad nauseam — including every dude and dudette on them.

Three strikes and you’re out!

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