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Watchwoman:  Obama thinks Hawaii is in Asia saying he was in Asia while giving a speech in Hawaii.  HUH???  I’m ROTFLOL!  But not because I heard this from the mouth of any commie-comedian.  I am willing to bet dollars to donuts that Leno and the other late-night mouths won’t be joking about Obama not knowing where Hawaii is, especially since he’s supposed to have been born there!  Now does this mean that Hawaii, you know the one in Asia, is truly the newest of the 57 states?  Remember the Genius POTUS saying Hawaii was the 57th state?  Oh, well.  What can you expect from a Democrat?  Meanwhile, we’ll continue seeing the clips on the late-night TV monologues of any GOP presidential candidate who happens to flub up, one following the other, accompanied by every kind of disdainful commie-comedic remark the left-bent writers for Letterman and Leno, et. al., will write and will continually swill around our family rooms or our bedrooms as we watch our flat screen TVs shining through the tips of our toes.  And that’s another reason why I loathe the commie media — all of it!  See the video I’ve embedded for yourself below where the all-uniting beloved Commie-Commander in Chief of Dumbheads flubs it again as he publicly embarrasses the little people of the USA in front of the world at the APEC Summit.   No wonder he has hidden all his education grades!  Probably flunked USA101 Geography, for starters.  ▬  Donna Calvin



Add this to the president’s gaffe list — you know, the one that includes the 57 states and the time he said he gave a medal to living soldier that actually turned out to have sacrificed his life. What was it this time? While speaking in Hawaii this week, President Obama referenced Hawaii as being in Asia: explains the mistake:

But President Obama apparently forgot where he was during his press conference Sunday on the outskirts of Honolulu — despite being born there.

The president mistakenly described his location as “Asia” while answering a question about budget cuts.

“When I meet with world leaders, what’s striking — whether it’s in Europe or here in Asia — the kinds of fundamental reforms and changes, both on the revenue side and the public pension side, that other countries are having to make are so much more significant than what we need to do in order to get our books in order,” Obama said. [Emphasis added]

Obama understandably had Asia on the mind, as his press conference came in the middle of the U.S. hosting the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, where representatives from many Asian countries were in attendance.

And, hey, Hawaii is a latecomer, having only been a state since 1959.

Video: Here he is the at APEC Summit (recently) making a speech and says that Hawaii is in Asia.

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