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Watchwoman: One huge intentional mistake the media, politicos, pundits, educrats, libs, Democrats, uninformed Republicans, and all of academnia claim to call Nazi’s right wingers.  It’s not true.  Nazi’s were just as far left as the Communists, Socialists and Marxists have always been.  There’s little to no differences in the “theology” of Nazis and the rest of the commie-based forms of totalitarian governments ruled by despots.  For more information, click onto the John Birch Society’s web page.  JBS is very informative, very accurate, verifies and is very careful about what it publishes.  Check JBS out —  Learn the truth about the misnaming of Nazi’s as right wingers and why it’s been done.  ▬ Donna Calvin


5,000-strong mob chants ‘Russia for Russians’


Nazi Salute. Nazi's are as far left as the position of this picture on this page. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Thousands of far-right Nazi-saluting nationalists marched in Moscow today in a ‘Take Back Russia’ protest at Muslim migrants.

Resentment is growing over the migrants from Russia’s Caucasus and the money the Kremlin sends to those troubled regions.

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