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Vote YES on Issue 2

Watchwoman: Issue 2 is way down in the polls, so we need every one of you to get out and vote YES!  This is an extremely important issue and the unions are going insane to ensure it gets voted down.  If every right to worker would get out there and vote, we could still turn this around and keep SB 5 that was passed by the Ohio House and Senate and signed by Gov. Kashish from being repealed.  So go out Tuesday, November 8, 2011 and vote YES on Issue 2.  Don’t be discouraged.  We can still win this vote!  ▬  Donna Calvin

Big Labor is on the warpath in Ohio!
To stop them it’s vital you cast a “YES” vote on Issue 2 on November 8.As you know, this past year the Ohio Legislature and passed Senate Bill 5 (SB 5) which limited Big Labor’s stranglehold over state services and taxpayers.

But, as soon as the union bosses felt their grip on Ohio’s government — and their forced dues pipeline — being threatened, they launched a full-out assault on SB 5.

Angry union mobs descended on the Capitol to threaten and intimidate lawmakers.

And once SB 5 became law they redoubled their intensity.

Union militants gathered petitions to force a ballot referendum on November 8 to kill the new law.

The union bosses have virtually unlimited forced-dues funds to spend on this fight and will do anything to overturn SB 5.

From now until November 8, Big Labor will use their millions in extorted dues dollars to fill every media outlet in the state with every lie they can think of to scare Ohio voters at the ballot box.

And unlike Big Labor, the Ohio Right to Work Committee doesn’t have a forced-dues-funded cash machine.

But despite our lack of resources, it’s vital you and I do all we can to spread the word to vote YES on Issue 2.

That’s why I hope you will not only vote yes, but also contact your friends, relatives, and business associates to urge them to vote YES as well

The fact is, in state after state where Big Labor has monopoly bargaining powers, cost skyrocket while quality of service declines and, ultimately, Big Labor becomes the most powerful force in state politics.

Wasteful work rules, job featherbedding, and work disruptions guarantee higher taxes with less from your tax dollars in return.

Public employees, taxpayers, and the government in Ohio will all win if you and a majority of other Ohioans vote “YES” on Issue 2 to end government union monopoly bargaining.

This is why I am hoping on November 8 you and everyone you know will stand up to Big Labor and vote “Yes” on Issue 2.

It’s crucial you contact everyone you know and tell them to “Vote Yes on Issue 2” to end the Ohio government union stranglehold.

You can print this flier and give to your friends and family to spread the word to vote “Yes” on Issue 2.

With Big Labor spending millions of dollars from their forced-dues coffers and using every trick in their arsenal, we will need a massive army of mobilized Right to Work Supporters to turn out and vote on November 8.

This fight MUST be won. And I am hoping I can count on you to help wage this battle against union monopoly power on Election Day by voting “YES” on Issue 2.

Thank you for all that you do.


Mark Mix

P.S. It’s crucial you vote “Yes” on Issue 2 on November 8.

And please print and distribute this flier, to spread the word to everyone you know. It’s time to break Big Labor’s stranglehold on Ohio’s government.


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