Watchwoman on the Wall

I heard Rep. Ron Paul say the government should not tell adults what they can put into their own bodies. I thought it was disturbing. Was he talking about drugs or gay men?


Mitt Romney was absent from the Evangelical Forum in Iowa. He didn’t have a prayer.



Global warming news for Oct. 27th, 2011. NY city hit by snow, as well as WV, Ct, Maine, and most ofthe east coast buried.

With the snow and cold in NY City the communist protesters thought they were back at home in Russia.



The occupy movement is gaining momentum. NY city there are thousands, Oakland riots, numerous other cities have large crowds. In Cleveland… the number varied between 6 and 8. Even when there are protests can’t Cleveland do anything right?

Will someone please tell the Cleveland Browns that they still have to show up for work, The NBA is on strike not the NFL.


How desperate is Cleveland? Its either very desperate or I am the unluckiest guy. My Daweoo was in the repair shop lot amongst numerous other cars and it was broken into. I mean how many Daewoos have you ever heard of being stolen or broken into? The mechanic called and said hey you better come get your car they threw your stuff all over, I have this picnic basket tin here what is this? Well its my picnic basket tin, thank goodness they didn’t take that. I keep my spices and emergency cookware in it, you never know when you may be invited over for dinner and its lacking. I called the cops and told them my Daewoo was broken into. The dispatcher replied, someone broke into your MICROWAVE!

Back to more serious stuff

Herman Cain is adamant he did nothing wrong. He said when I told that woman to go to her room and wait for me because I will deliver I was talkin’ bout pizza.




All this talk about sex and politics made me think of good ole Slick and Monica. The thing with Monica that always bothered me was did she ever pay incomes taxes for the job she did for Bill under the table?   

           ▬   Carey Masci






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