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Host Bob Murphy was not in but National Commentator Mike Gutierrez took his place along with Liaison for the Tea Party Carey Masci, our own US Senate candidate Rusty Bliss and Josh Guzic from Breakdown Radio fame were in the studio.

It was great to walk in the studio and see Josh sitting there. He is very knowledgeable and his presence created an excitement of past days when he and Mike Gutierrez were doing their radio show. It was a fast paced half hour with lots of info thrown out.

Lets get to the newsletter.

I have been keeping an eye on Herman Cain since about February and his sudden meteoric rise and falling back down to earth in recent days. Should we count him out, absolutely not we still have a long process to go through. Polls rise and fall. But what bothers me the most with Cain are his supporters. Why? Because I was disturbed by the amount of money Cain raised when the allegations of sexual harassment were brought to light.

I understand the anti-media and liberal sentiment going on that made supporters run to Cain’s defense but we still needed to hear what else might come out. Suppose the allegations against Cain were true and new ones surfaced. Would the Republicans, Conservatives, and Tea Party be any better than the Democrats who flock to their leaders and still support them regardless of what they do or did? I think not. The problem here is very simple – emotions!

I have heard the most absurd reasons why people like or don’t like a candidate and its mostly based on emotions. A few of things I have heard against candidates are Bachman’s voice is to whiny, Santorum makes faces, Paul is to old, what! How shallow is this reasoning? Very! The Right is supposed to be far more intelligent, informed and knowledgeable about issues and candidates than the Left and yet when I hear this sort of talk I shudder.

We keep saying how much we hate and disagree with how the media try’s to manipulate our thinking. But until the voting public, especially Republicans and Independents, keep their emotions in check and vote by looking at the issue and or record of the candidate along with what the candidate says we will keep receiving shock treatment news from the media to sway our opinion into their agenda because they know it works. Wise up people.

Now the above was directed to those informed and involved but this comment is about the general public who votes strictly by sound bites and what the mainstream media says.

I am troubled by what I am seeing going on with the media. It has become so blatantly slanted its hard to believe much of what is being broadcast. For instance on Fox news they aired the show “The Fight for Iowa”. They hardly mentioned Senator Rick Santorum who has visited all 99 counties in Iowa and won a very worthy endorsement from the National Federation of Republican Assemblies and endorsements from Chuck Laudner (former Executive Director and Interim Chairman of the Iowa Republican Party), Lori Jungling (Iowa co-chairman of HuckPAC) and Shane Vander Heart (conservative blogger at but the show gave more than enough time to Mitt Romney who isn’t going all out in Iowa because of the uncertainty that he can win it. If this isn’t biased what is?

IF Santorum received even a quarter of the free press the media constantly gives to build up their candidate Mitt Romney where would Rick be in the polls?

But Santorum isn’t the only one. What about Rep. Ron Paul? Whether you like him or not he is a main player but you would never know it judging it from the media. Even during the debates, which most are just a sham, Paul gets largely ignored. How fair is this?

So the Tea Party and the rest of the activist patriots have a tall order to fill, educating and getting through to the public who still believe what they hear on the news is the gospel truth. If we don’t we will be stuck with Obama or Obama lite Romney.

Carey Masci


Bob Murphy

The thing we need to keep in mind is the enemy is Obama and his socialist agenda. Newt keeps pounding this drum and so do I.

We need to stay focused, stay united to defeat Obama before he completely dismantles the America we know and our way of life. We cannot give up this fight.

America is still the world’s hope and America’s hope lies in God not with government, especially a government that believes it should be the supplier of all your needs. That is not the role of government that is the role of God.

Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

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