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Hired pilot told by tower message triggered flood of calls

San Diego’s own Impeach Obama Tea Party has joined forces with the city’s Stop Obama Now!! – San Diego and a flying banner company to call for the removal of Barack Obama from office.

The stunning stunt, flying a banner overhead just hours before Obama was expected to visit the USS Carl Vinson to watch a college basketball game scheduled on its deck, rattled more than a few individuals, as the pilot for the banner company reported the tower told him to “depart the area,” because there were “a lot of telephone calls” coming in.

National Sky Ads, which flew the banner, reported to WND, “Our pilot was told to move even though we were not in restricted air space.”

The impeachment clause in the U.S. Constitution, and what it means: All here in “The Case for Imipeachment.”

The company added, “We circled North Island until the tower moved us out due to phone calls.”

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