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We’ve been hearing a lot of feedback from teachers and other Ohioans interested in the education reforms contained in Issue 2. So we built a section of our website to explain those reforms in detail and to provide you with some basic facts. You can view it here.Especially if you’re a teacher, we challenge you to read the information and then use the ‘Share Your Ideas’ button to ask questions or give us your feedback.This isn’t spin and it’s not political rhetoric. These are the facts.A high school teacher recently told us, “On a daily basis in schools, we as teachers know there are things that aren’t working…and I think right now in Ohio, there’s a great opportunity for us to see some change that we know needs to happen.”

Are you ready to be a part of our honest efforts to raise the bar and ensure that our kids are receiving the best possible education while we fight to protect and reward our great teachers?

Please visit our Schools Page here and get started today.


-Building a Better Ohio Team
P.S. Please forward this email to 5 or more friends, family or co-workers and encourage them to get the facts about the education reforms in Issue 2.

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