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Watchwoman:  Please note, I only heard this on a telephone conversation minutes ago with my own Pastor Ernie Sanders that a pastor called our church to let us know that Pastor Youcef had been executed in Iran on Tuesday. THIS IS NOT CONFIRMED!  I have searched on line and I cannot find any other source to confirm it. Therefore, let us continue to hope and pray that this phone call was made in error and that Pastor Youcef is still alive, not being tortured or mistreated in anyway, and will soon be returned to his family.    “Let us pray for the health and safety of Pastor Youcef and for his release in the name of Christ Jesus.  Amen.  Let us pray for his family, to be comforted and kept safe in the name of Christ Jesus.  Amen.”   Remember, this is an unconfirmed report, so please, please, please, do not stop praying for his release!  ▬  Donna Calvin

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