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Tim Allen is on a mission to restore men to their rightful place in today's PC feminized world.


If you have not seen Tim Allen’s new program on ABC on Tuesdays at 8 PM, I recommend it.


Tim Allen has a new series on ABC “Last Man Standing.”  Tim is Tim, a man’s man!  His character, Mike Baxter, is opposed to all the PC nonsense that we all loathe!

Tim actually said — and I quote as closely as I can recall what he said — when he used that reviled, censored word — that “C” word“They’re all a bunch of communists,” referring to the whacko proprietor/teacher (a pantywaist PC puke) that his young grandson was left in the care of to be brainwashed at this PC day-care center, The Happy Happy Rainbow Play Care Center, because Tim’s oldest daughter, Kristin, is unmarried and works as a waitress. (Aired October 18, 2011 – Grandparent’s Day)

Yep, even on ABC, they didn’t censor the “C” word! Can you believe it!?! I was floored!

It’s an adult comedy, and really, really funny, but you still will find much to disagree with.  It’s TV, after all, and Hollyweird is just that — weird!

Unlike Hollyweirdos, Tim Allen is married for a number of years to ONE woman (Nancy Travis) that he actually loves, doesn’t cheat on, doesn’t belittle, doesn’t cuss, doesn’t get drunk, acts responsible and goes to work daily for a place like Brass Pro Shops that sells weapons and ammo, sporting equipment, etc.

Tim has 3 daughters and a cute little blond, 2 year-old grandson.

It’s refreshingly entertaining and genuinely funny!

IT IS NOT PC AT ALL, except for his unmarried daughter with the illegitimate 2-yr old boy, who is as PC as Meathead and Archie’s daughter, Gloria, when those two characters were on “All in the Family” from yesteryear.

You can watch past episodes on line for free, go to:

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