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We hope you all caught Rose this Friday, as she filled in for the Sean Hannity Show!

She talked with Rick Santorum, Jay Sekulow, CL Bryant, and Scott Rasmussen!  She talked about the pastor in Iran, who’s being persecuted, and threatened to be hanged.  She talked with Santorum (and reminisced a bit too, as they go way back!) about his campaign.

She also talked about Herman Cain, and the outrageous questions that Lawrence O’Donnell of MSNBC was asking him, all racially targeted.

And she went over some polls with Scott Rasmussen.  An awesome update poll is that Herman Cain has jumped ahead of Mitt Romney!

Some headlines of the week included the protests on Wall St, Sarah Palin decided not to run for President, and the loss of Apple’s Steve Jobs.

The week started off with some nonsense from Roseanne Barr.  Actually, make that horrific nonsense.  Rose played the audio of Roseanne, who happens to be running for President, if you didn’t know.

She was calling for the return of the guillotine!  She was also whining about guilty bankers that need to “pay back.”  She thinks there should be a limit on what people make, with a maximum of $100 million.  If they don’t comply, they should get sent to re-education camps.  If they refuse, they get beheaded.  That’s right, she says they should be beheaded if they don’t give up their wealth.  And she says all this with a straight face!

We aired the incredible story of the boats of 9/11 on Tuesday.  We had the producer and director of “Boatlift 9/11.” Eddie Rosenstein, of Eyepop Productions.  The audio was powerful, as Tom Hanks narrated the true story of boats upon boats that brought 500,000 people out of Manhattan, on September 11, 2001.

Jim Quinn, America's most entertaining talk show host -- accompanied by the truth!

As we close this newsletter, we leave you with wisdom on taxing the rich, from Jim Quinn:

Taxing the rich will not solve our problem, it won’t off-set the deficit.  It’s a complete distraction.  If you took all the wealth of the rich for 1 year, you could run the government… for 18 days.

Taxing the rich is not a solution.  It’s a way to distract people into thinking that the reason Obama’s policies aren’t working, if because the rich haven’t been taxed enough yet.  Obama’s turning this into a class warfare issue.  And it’s a complete distraction.

Rose who adds so much to America's Morning Show!

Oh wait!  We’re not done! Yes, Rose is at it again!  She’ll be competing in the “Dancing for a Cause,” and this year, she’s doing hip-hop!  You can find all the details by simply clicking the link below.  Rose needs you help and support to raise money for fighting child abuse.

For details on all these appearances, click:

Check out the “Mobile Martyr” keychain, with Exploding Palestinian kid from the show!

Expect the stories to keep coming in.  Tune in next week, for your next installment of Quinn & Rose.

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