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Watchwoman:  Don’t think for a moment that this battle is over.  The commie-Dems plan on getting Obama’s Job’s Bill passed line by line, inch by inch, one bite at a time, in amendments, as attachments to other bills, etc., by whatever means necessary.  The key to their intent are these words they couldn’t get it passed “in its current form” — note that phrase in the item below from CNN.  They simply couldn’t get Congress to swollow it all at once a month before an election.  How do you eat a donkey?  One bite at a time. ▬ Donna Calvin


CNN Reports: President Obama’s jobs bill stalls in the Senate, effectively killing the measure in its current form.  An unofficial tally taken by reporters and the press gallery staff showed 50 votes in support of the bill and 48 against. Technically, the vote is being held open so that Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, D-New Hampshire, can weigh in.  The cloture vote required at least 60 votes to pass the Democratically-controlled chamber.  The controversial measure, which the president has been touting in speeches and rallies across the nation, was thought to have had little chance of passage in the Senate.

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