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Watchwoman: I have consistently opposed NAFTA, GATT, and now KORUS, plus all the other Job Killing so-called “free trade” agreements along side Phyllis Schlafly and the Eagle Forum.  I have seen that there are Democrats opposing this evil nonsense and I have seen Republicans supporting it and vice versa.  There is no consistency among the parties.  I do not support, have never supported and will never support these so-called free-trade agreements. Research them at Eagle Forum.  They have the best interest of the little people in the USA in this area.  Big, global corporations want free trade like NAFTA, GATT, KORUS, etc.  It’s a bad deal for the little guy and small businesses.  Cleveland, Ohio, used to be the tool and die making capital of the world.  Now Cleveland, Ohio, has the Cleveland Clinic and some other hospitals, but there’s NO industry left here!  It’s all been shipped to Red China, Mexico and other foreign lands.  My son, for the past several years, has done nothing but package up the huge machinery into crates marked for shipment to “China” and “Mexico” from all the little mom and pop job shops that went out of business — who employed the vast majority of Clevelanders for generations — but were forced out of business and were forced to sell their machinery a bargain-basement prices to the company he works for, who then re-sold them to foreign global industrialists — where no American is employed!   Where have all the jobs gone?  Long time passing…  Where have all the businesses gone, long time ago…  They have gone with NAFTA and GATT and KORUS to global corporations in countries everywhere …  and Dad applied for unemployment, foreclosure and now welfare … That’s what happened and where all the jobs have gone!  Unions used to be extremely opposed to NAFTA, GATT, etc., but they have sold out to the devil!  Union bosses that have taken over the unions are no longer Americans, they have sold their souls to the highest bidder and one-world government globalists/communists who have the biggest bucks to splash around.  The union members should pull back the curtain and see who is controlling the puppet strings!  ▬ Donna Calvin


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October 12, 2011 by Phyllis Schlafly
Barack Obama, with the help of some Republicans who take their orders from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, is trying to pass a bill that will kill U.S. jobs, send more jobs overseas, and make more Americans dependent on government handouts. That’s the Frances Fox Piven strategy Obama learned at a Socialist Party conference in New York while he was attendingColumbia University.This dangerous bill is the 1,413-page Korean-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA), scheduled to come up soon in Congress. It’s hard to see how anyone who cares aboutAmerica’s economic future could allow this job killer to become law, and any Member of Congress who votes for it doesn’t deserve to be reelected next year.

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Eagle Forum – October 11, 2011
President Obama and his liberal allies in Congress are desperate to prove that they are working to create jobs.  Instead of taking action that would immediately spark job growth and lower energy costs, like repealing ObamaCare and the ban on domestic oil production, they are moving to pass a series of so-called “free trade” agreements.  These agreements will only serve to send jobs overseas and make more Americans dependent on government handouts. That’s the Frances Fox Piven strategy Obama learned at a Socialist Party conference in New York while he was attending Columbia University.

There is a series of three trade agreements, governing trade with Columbia,Panama and South Korea, scheduled to come up for a vote in the House of Representatives Wednesday, October 12.

We need you to contact your Congressman and tell him or her to oppose all so-called free trade agreements!

The most dangerous of these bills is the 1,413-page Korean-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA).

We are told KORUS will create more exports, but the principal exports will be American jobs. The Economic Policy Institute estimates that KORUS will cost us 159,000 jobs. The U.S. International Trade Commission also admits that KORUS will cause significant job losses. Those job losses will extend from low-end industries to electronic equipment manufacturing, where the victims will be Americans who were making an average wage of $30 an hour in 2008.

Obama claims that KORUS will create 70,000 low-paying in-sourced jobs (of Americans working for foreign employers). But even if that is true, which is doubtful, that’s less than half the well-paying jobs the U.S. will lose!

KORUS advocates a claim it will allow the U.S. to export 75,000 cars a year to South Korea. Compare that puny figure with the fact that Americans are buying over a million South Korean cars this year.

Among the many ways that South Korea puts up barriers against U.S. products is to subject any Korean brave enough to buy an American car to a discriminatory tax audit.

KORUS allows Korean products imported into the U.S. to have 65 percent non-South Korean content. Nobody will know how much of that 65 percent will be made by slave labor in North Korea or China.

KORUS will give Korean corporations the right to challenge any U.S. lawthey think might limit their market access or profitability, including our prevailing wage laws. These trade agreements generally give foreigners the right to define free trade, which they do in ways that always disadvantage the U.S.

Liberals are trying to appease unions and camouflage their betrayal of American workers by joining these trade agreements with a so-called Trade Adjustment Assistance Act, which would set up another series of expensive entitlements geared toward retraining the American workers who will inevitably lose their jobs because of these agreements.

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These trade agreements are expected to sail through to passage.  Please call your Congressmen TODAY and WEDNESDAY and tell them that you are a member of Eagle Forum, and that you urge them to vote NO on all so-called free trade agreements and the so-called Trade Adjustment Assistance.  Also, this is not an issue that breaks down along traditional liberal and conservative lines, so be sure to contact your Representatives, regardless of their party or voting record.

Capitol Switchboard 202-224-3121

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