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Hank Williams Jr.

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Watchwoman: Below is just a sampling of the comments left at the YouTube web site…There’s a lot more there and I’m hoping to read similar ones left here.  Thanks for listening.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. How’bout clicking the LIKE button too, and forwarding this via email to your friends.  Thanks a lot.  ▬  Donna Calvin
  1. For eight years we incessantly heard that Bush was Hitler, but if you say one thing against Obama you are a redneck racist who must be silenced. CobraCollector

  2. @cobracollector exactly. People could say anything they wanted about bush but as soon as a white man/woman says something about obama your automatically an ignorant redneck niketa7891

  4. HANK is right….Obama has brought this great Country down. OBAMA you are an embarrassment to the entire country. I am glad he doesn’t publicly recognize that he is half white….it would be a disgrace for the white folks. KEEP THE CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! captamca
  5. What freedom does a white male have in this country anymore? A white male is THE most discriminated against person in the U.S. bangnstangs
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