Watchwoman on the Wall



Obama said We won’t get to where we need to go if we don’t travel on this road together.
The only problem is people can’t afford the gas to travel on that road with him.

Obama said he will press on for jobs.
That includes his job, that more than likely he will be fired from in 2012.

Obama said to take off your bedroom slippers and put on your marching shoes.
Hmmmm, the way the liberal nutcases in Hollywood follow him I think a new TV show is in the works. Marching with the Stars… or is that czars?

President Jimmy Carter is very happy with Obama’s performance.
Jimmy is no longer considered the worse president.

You have to give Obama credit though, he is very creative. He has a new bailout plan he will be unveiling soon.
It is called bailout the bailout.

EPA may of gone too far this time.
They are looking at the smoke from cigarettes and want to impose a carbon tax.

We are now in hyper inflation, they try to say otherwise but don’t believe them.
We use to have Dime Stores, then Dollar Stores and now we have Leave Your Wallet stores.

Rep. Ron Paul wants to legalize pot.
I am not sure if thats such a good idea. I mean people are already going hungry, do we really need more people with the munchies?

The straight service men still proudly love The Ballad of the Green Beret by Barry Sadler.
But now that Gays are allowed to serve openly they wanted their own song, so they adopted Rasberry Beret by Prince.

President George Bush Sr. is very happy to see Gays serving.
He always did want a kinder gentler nation.


And that’s a wrap.
Carey Masci

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