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Coptic Christian Monks, Egypt

Coptic Christian Monks, Egypt

Watchwoman: I posted before that all these revolutions in Muslim countries would not turn out well for Christians — and here we have the results — and it is not good for Christians!  Quote: “Under Mubarak, the problems of Copts festered even if they faced less violence than they do now. Their demands for a law to regulate construction of churches went unanswered and attacks on churches went unpunished.”  Pray for these Coptic Christians who are being slaughtered by the Muslims — you know those friendly types who ascribe to the “Religion of Peace” and the inner, self-examination jihad — those peaceful Muslims who pray “Allah akabar”.  ▬ Donna Calvin




Associated Press

CAIRO (AP) — Egypt’s Coptic Christians have long felt like second-class citizens in their own country.

Now many fear that the power vacuum left after the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak is giving Muslim extremists free rein to torch churches and attack Coptic homes in the worst violence against the community in decades.

An assault Sunday night on Christians protesting over a church attack set off riots that drew in Muslims, Christians and the police. Among the 26 people left killed in the melee, most were Copts. For Coptic scholar Wassem el-Sissi, it was evidence that the Christian community in Egypt is vulnerable as never before.

Because of the limited allowance by AP, I cannot reprint very much of the story on Watchwoman blog, so you’ll have click below ↓ to read the full story: 

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