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Watchwoman: The picture below is not reflective of what these mostly naked women wear by females without any self pride in their modesty.  Trust me, no x-rated pictures will be included with this post.  They are a disgusting looking group of whorish-porn-pigs and I will have no part in propagating their filth.  How Lingerie Football is not X-Rated is way beyond the sensibilities of any decent, moral Christian, both men and women!  But I still have to ask myself, where is the NOW gang on this display of utter disgust foiled upon women?  The NOW gang is not about the exploitation of women, but about their common bond of hatred of God and true moral values. Where are they?  Probably down at the abortion mills screaming out obscenities towards men and women of God trying to save the lives of the unborn from horrible, painful abortions of the innocent in the wombs of mothers who can get all the support they will need from pro-lifers and have no real need to murder their babies.   ▬ Donna Calvin


Lingerie Football League’s Cleveland Crush set to debut at the Q

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Lingerie Football League and its Cleveland Crush franchise are set to make their highly anticipated debut at Q Arena Friday, September 23rd vs. Baltimore Charm.Crush executives and former Cleveland Browns’ legends Bob Golic (Exec VP, Football Operations) has been working closely with the Crush coaching staff in building a winner while Hanford Dixon (VP, Football Operations and Crush Pound) has primarily focused on building a strong fan base and translating the enthusiasm around the Brown’s Dawg Pound to the Crush Pound at Q Arena (Endzone). The Crush will also feature their own version of Browns’ Peyton Hillis, when Marija Condric ‘The Enforcer’ will take to the field on Friday night wearing No.40.

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