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New Video Game Allows Players to Kill Tea Partiers

Liberals often tout themselves as the epitome of tolerance, which makes the production of a video game entitled “Tea Party Zombies Must Die,” by StarvingEyes Advergaming, all the more confusing.In the new game, players are encouraged to shoot such Tea Party favorites as Glenn Beck, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, and many others, some of which do not exactly fit the criteria of the Tea Party movement but who appear in the game nonetheless.The Blaze reports:In a new online game created by liberals titled “Tea Party Zombies Must Die” players can live out your most vicious fantasy by gunning down prominent conservatives with an Uzi. Among the “zombies” available for slaughter: Glenn Beck, Brit Hume, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin and Newt Gingrich and the Koch brothers.

Players begin the game with just a crowbar as their weapon (sample screen above, left), but as they work their way up through the different levels, they acquire different guns until they reach the uzi. If the player is someone killed in the game, they receive the following blasphemous message, “You got teabagged! P.S. You didn’t have health insurance, so you died. P.P.S. There’s no such thing as God, so you died for eternity.”The game walks players through a number of different levels, where they are encouraged to target a wide range of Republicans and conservatives, from Fox News pundits to employees at Americans for Prosperity.

But the game does not simply focus on those in the public eye. It also includes characters such as “generic [P.O.’d] old white guy zombie,” [P.O.’d] stupid white trash redneck birther zombie,” and then ironically, after having used harsh racial terms to describe the aforementioned zombies, includes yet another zombie dubbed “expresses racist views anonymously on the Internet modern Klan zombie.”

Besides the obvious racial and class biases the game makers have exhibited in the creation of these characters, the makers also seem to resort to sexist bias, as exemplified by the “factory made blonde Fox News Barbie who has never had a problem in her life zombie.”

Whether it’s presumptuous for the game makers to assume they know anything about the lives of the Fox News female hosts is another issue.The video game also features “We tricked the God people into believing in tax cuts for the rich executive zombie,” “Koch Industries Koch Whore Lobbyist Pig Zombie,” “Koch Industries Climate Change Denial Toxic Zombie,” and “Koch Brothers Zombie.”

On a side note, the video game seems to once again ignore the true founder of the Tea Party movement — Ron Paul — though in this particular instance, it may be a good thing. Perhaps the makers of the video game do not bear such a toxic disdain for the Texas Congressman as they do for the others, or perhaps leaving Paul out of the roster of characters is yet another example of the growing trend to separate the real founder from the popular and influential movement.The video game is expectedly violent, with blood exploding onto the screen as each zombie is eliminated by the player.

As noted by The Blaze, the video game is just one example of a number of violent and harsh attacks from the Left against those on the right. The Blaze went through the trouble of compiling a list of Tweets posted by those on the Left that include violent rhetoric such as “kill Sarah Palin,” “Wow, Rick Perry you’re a d***, go die,” “I want to kill [Rick Perry] and his supporters,” “If there was ever anyone who deserved to die a slow death it’s [Michele Bachmann].” The montage of violent tweets is six minutes long.

Still, not everyone opposed to the conservative agenda is in support of the zombie video game. Keith Oblermann, in what some have called a “surprising display of objectivity,” has encouraged his viewers to boycott the video game until the makers ultimately “pull the plug” on it.”

Oblermann discussed the game on his “Worst Persons” segment, wherein he said, “It doesn’t matter how you feel about those people….there is no place for this.” He went on to say: “There is no excuse for being the ‘thing,’ or person that tips a mental case over the edge to carry out an act of violence against one of the people featured in the game, or tips another mental case to exact revenge against a political opponent.”

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