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Quinn & Rose are back from vacation! Last vacation till Christmas-time, we promise.

Hurricane Irene hit over the weekend, leaving millions on the East Coast without power. (It also left room for no other news stories the entire weekend).

Speaking of vacations, Obama & Michelle had yet another luxurious vacation. This woman has an addiction to expensive vacations. She might as well get the pricey stuff in, as it’s tax-payer funded, and she’s only there for 4 years (fingers crossed). The numbers are unbelievably high, as she’s spent approximately $10 million on vacations so far. Just for the past vacation, Obama & Michelle flew out on separate jets, but on the same day! They couldn’t leave together?

Marco Rubio has been a Conservative favorite lately. He’s got the right ideology, he’s well-spoken, he checks all the boxes, and he gives hope and restoration. But, as Rose pointed out, restoration will be painful. With that in mind, we wouldn’t want to see him on a Presidential ticket, as number one, or number two, despite all the hype of him as the GOP’s running-mate. It would be nice to see Rubio hold off until the future to run, as he would make an amazing President some day.

The Tea Party has been called everything from terrorists to hostage-takers, and Maxine Waters now told us all to “go to Hell!” An email-er said, “did she mean for us to come visit her district?”

What is the Tea Party? It’s nothing more than a grassroots movement of Americans who see the country being jerked so far to the Left, that’s it’s something they don’t even recognize anymore. It’s made up of people who want to re-establish Constitutional sanity in government. So, Maxine Waters has just told America, as it was founded, to go to Hell.

There was a reporter, Lester Kinsolving, that asked Jay Carney is he’s certain that Hillary Clinton won’t run against Obama. Carney laughed it off and assured us that Obama isn’t focused on a campaign right now, and are “concerned” with the tasks at hand. Not focused on a campaign? Really?

By mid-week, Obama decided to hold his speech on the same night as the next GOP debate, being held at the Reagan Library in CA. Jay Carney, in his arrogance, dismissed it at first, as he didn’t see a problem in having the speech conflict with “one debate,” on just “one network.”

Alas, Obama switched his speech to Thursday, as Boehner suggested a switch. The debate remains on Wednesday, September 7th. Whether Obama caved, or John Boehner won, the speech was switched, and now Obama has to compete with the NFL games on Thursday.

Then there was Secretary Hilda Solis. She was talking about supporting American-made cars. She went on and on about how she’s leading by example, and talked up her new Chevy Equinox that she’s been driving around DC. Too bad, as Rose pointed out, that the Equinox was made… in Canada.

We had a guest on this week. New York Times bestselling author, Ronald Kessler, came on the air with us to discuss his new book, “Secrets of the FBI.” Great interview, and you can get his book to learn more.

** The 10th Anniversary of 9/11 is coming up. Be sure to tune in on Friday, September 9th, for the Quinn & Rose 9/11 Special.

Quinn & Rose will be in Lisbon, OH, for “Restoring Freedom!” Saturday, September 10th at 1 pm. There will be a 9-11 Tribute, and Quinn & Rose will be there from 2-4 pm. Columbiana County Fairgrounds at the Grandstand, in Lisbon, OH!

Be sure to listen to Rose on the Sean Hannity Radio Show!  Tomorrow, Friday, September 2nd at 3pm EST
Check your local radio stations for the Sean Hannity show, or just click right here:

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Expect the stories to keep coming in. Tune in next week, for your next installment of Quinn & Rose.

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