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Quinn & Rose started the week recapping the Obama speech from last Thursday night. Basically, the mantra was “pass this bill.” Obama said it 14 times to be exact.

They touched on the candidates some more, and there was a debate on Monday! As Rose points out, it’s encouraging this time around, as we’ve got an amazing lineup of candidates this time around.

The debate was the Tea Party Debate, carried by CNN, and moderated by Wolf Blitzer. It was the same lineup as the last debate: Perry, Romney, Gingrich, Bachmann, Cain, Santorum, Paul, and Huntsman (in no particular order, of course…). It was a great debate, and quite a few of them really shined. With the amazing lineup of candidates, there’s almost too many good choices!

Bachmann was very strong, smart, and she certainly knows how to answer the questions, and turn them around if she needs to. Rose believes that Perry seemed to have won, but was also attacked the most. But, Perry doesn’t back down, he stands behind his words. He’s not one to back peddle.

Rose’s picks remain with Perry, Bachmann, Gingrich, Santorum, and Cain. We certainly do not want Mitt Romney, Jon Huntsman, or Ron Paul.

Speaking of Ron Paul… He was booed a few times, especially regarding his views on 9/11. Rick Santorum called Ron Paul out on a blog post he had on his website. Ron Paul had a blog, basically blaming the American people for the attacks of 9/11. Rick Santorum pointed out that a Presidential candidate should not be parroting the words of Osama Bin Laden, it’s irresponsible. Ron Paul attempted to defend himself, but only dug a deeper hole for himself. Hence, he was booed, and rightly so.

We had a caller who said his Verizon cable gave a description of the debate, and it showed Wolf Blitzer and Mitt Romney as the stars of the show. The media is trying to pick our candidate because Mitt Romney cannot beat Obama in 2012. He won’t be able to debate Obama. Obama will bring up Romney-care, and destroy Mitt Romney. As Rose pointed out… Moderates don’t win!

Tim Pawlenty, who dropped out of race last month, is endorsing none other than Mitt Romney! Pawlenty will be serving as the National Co-Chairman of his campaign. Pawlenty coined the term “Obamney-care,” when describing the Massachusetts health care, but he never criticized Romney any further. We couldn’t be happier that he’s out of the race.

Also, Bobby Jindal, governor of Louisiana (and a favorite of the War Room), has given a major endorsement for Rick Perry!

Rose brought a story to us from Great Britain, exposing socialized medicine for what it is. Family doctors in Great Britain are cutting back on cancer scans, thanks to socialized medicine. Britain has one of the lowest cancer survival rates in all of Europe. Don’t be deceived. The government doesn’t care about you. They don’t put you first, they put the bottom line first. If we don’t get Obama-Care stopped, this is a preview of what’s coming our way.

Then, there was a Congressional race in NY-9, for Anthony Weiner’s seat. The district is heavily Democratic, and the Democrats have easily won all the past elections. Alas, Republican Bob Turner WON the special election, after campaigning all summer, and winning the Jewish vote.

Some other good news concerns the TSA. A house committee voted, and the TSA has been banned for the usage of the naked body images! (Cue Hallelujah Sound). Rose encouraged us, saying the phone calls, and being outspoken paid off.

We had a GREAT guest on Tuesday. The Editor-in-Chief of Popluar Mechanics, Jim Meigs, came on the air with us, and had a great conversation about the 9/11 myths that float around. There’s been 10 years worth of myths, and he went through a few of them with Quinn & Rose, debunking them, and articulating it well. What we like about Jim Meigs, is that he encourages people to question 9/11, but then check into the research they’ve tested and proven. The book is Debunking 9/11 Myths, and is available online. We highly recommend!

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Expect the stories to keep coming in. Tune in next week, for your next installment of Quinn & Rose.

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