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Watchwoman:  Obamacare is socialism/communism on the grandest scale ever propagated in the USA.  Both socialism and communism have continually failed where ever and when ever it has been tried.  In fact, communism is so inept that it’s proponents declare you cannot start a country being communist, it has to be a free market society first, then turned into a communist intrusive, all-controlling, freedom-grabbing, over-taxing government.  When will they ever learn?  Not at Harvard, Yale or any of the other universities.  They all brainwash students in the pie-in-the-sky-live-happily-ever-after-cloudless-blue-sky-Utopian advantages, not upon the known repeated failures of communism, plus, for added disdain, they project into the brains of the captive students, the Marxist negative, hate-filled, guilt-ridden view of capitalism — and another Democrat/Communist gets elected.  Here’s how it works.  At the Ivy League colleges, the students are told that they are part of the elite ruling class and that they know how to run the country better than anyone else.  At the lowest end, the poor are told that the upper crust is against them and they need to be taxed and their wealth given to the poor.  The object is to wipe out the middle class, that’s you and me, my friends — we are the middle class — and there can be no middle class in communism!  ▬  Donna Calvin



Uninsured Have Increased Under Obama and Since Obamacare was Enacted


in-line-for-obamacareThe percentage of American adults who lack health insurance coverage has not only increased during the presidency of Barack Obama, but it has continued to increase since Obama signed his signature piece of legislation last year mandating that by 2014 every American carry health insurance, according to a Gallup survey released today.

In 2008, when George W. Bush was president, according to Gallup, 14.9 percent of adult residents of the United States lacked health insurance coverage.

That increased to 16.2 percent in 2009, the year that Obama was inaugurated, and to 16.4 percent in 2010, the year that Obama signed his law requiring that all Americans have health insurance.

In the first half of this year, according to data released by Gallup today, the percentage of adults in the United States lacking health insurance ticked up to 16.8 percent.

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