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Watchwoman: These 7 are being charged for not inciting fears when they thought it apparently wasn’t worthy, so when are the globalony-ists going to be put on trial for inciting fear for no reason other than what is based upon lies and false pretenses? Put Al Gore on trial too, aye!  Scientists beware!  Predictions are no longer predictions, they are now FACTS!  The scientists brought it on themselves by claiming they know it all!  And they don’t.  And YOU scientists will be held responsible for what God controls!  Look out, this is the world gone nuts!  And men will pay the price for the insanity based upon erroneous beliefs, starting with who created the universe and every thing in it. If you get it wrong from the basis of your foundation, you’re whole premise is skewed and so will all your thesis, postulates, theorems, physics, predictions, and maybe even E=MC squared itself, the Holy Grail of the Scientific Universe!  After all, they just discovered this week that neutrinos go faster than the speed of light — which demolishes E=MC squared, doesn’t it?  Maybe I’m all wet, I’m just a dumb Christian after all and a woman to boot.  But YOU scientists, you know it all.  [Romans 1:22] Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.  — Or victims of their own arrogance!  ▬  Donna Calvin


A Kinemetrics seismograph, formerly used by the United States Department of the Interior.


Trial opens against scientists for Italy quake


ROME (AP) – Seven scientists and other experts went on trial on manslaughter charges Tuesday for allegedly failing to sufficiently warn residents before a devastating 2009 earthquake that killed more than 300 people in central Italy. The case is being closely watched by seismologists around the globe who insist it’s impossible to predict earthquakes and dangerous to suggest otherwise, since seismologists will be discouraged from issuing any advice at all if they fear legal retaliation.

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Just when the scientists convince you, “This is absolutely true,” they come up with a whole other theory!

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