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From: Carey Masci

Host Bob Murphy and Carey Masci were joined by US Senate Candidate Rusty Bliss and former State Rep Candidate Mike Gutierrez

It was a full house in the booth as we had the pleasure of Mike Gutierrez dropping by. Mike is back from a short exodus to California. He is one of the most gifted speakers I know, just a natural. Mike gave us info on SB5 and the mess California is in.
And Rusty Bliss he is always welcome, he is the Tea Party candidate for Senate. A great guy with a lot of enthusiasm for life.

I am still stumbling around at times on air. My problem is I have so many thoughts that want to come out all at once that they just collide in midair and come out broken.

Where I was headed when I said iron sharpens iron is this:

We are in the campaign season for presidential candidates where strong heated debates are not only needed but healthy. This is the best time for exchange of ideas and visions. This is when candidates are made or broken, where the weak are separated from the strong. This is a time when whomever wins hones his or her skill to represent America. If a candidate can make it through the campaign season and win a grueling primary, then that person is ready for the job of president because its that trying.

As supporters and delegates we also are in this fight as if we are running for president, if you are going to be effective to get your candidate elected that is how you have to think.

America is on a downward spiral right now. No one is denying this. We have seen what has happened since the Democrats have been elected. We are witnessing firsthand the failed policies of Liberalism. If America has any chance of correcting her path, it has to come from within the Republican Party. The question is which candidate?

This current field of Republican candidates is a very diversified group. There is a candidate for EVERYONE! No one has been left out.

If you lean more on the less government Libertarian side of being Republican you have a choice between Rep. Ron Paul or Gov. Gary Johnson.

If you love the thinking and morals of President Reagan you have Sen. Rick Santorum who mirrors him in many ways,

If you feel its time for a woman to step forward and one that has dignity and intelligence there is Michelle Bachman.

If you want a true black American, a businessman, someone with morals and one who truly loves America, Herman Cain is your man.

Anyone one of these candidates I feel would represent America well and have her best interest in heart.

So keep in mind this is the campaign season, we are suppose to have some in party fighting, we are suppose to try and beat our fellow man but also remember when its over, we need to unify because the real enemy of freedom is in the Whitehouse, that is our goal to remove liberalism and restore America.

Carey Masci

This is the information age. At no other time in history has so much knowledge been available to man. There is no reason for any of us here in America to vote ignorant. All of us because of the computer, the 24 hour news channels, radio shows, even our show America News and Views, can educate ourselves quite easily if we want to.

We are in a battle, our country is in danger. So please educate yourself on the candidates. Make a choice, get involved, support him or her. And if by chance your pick doesn’t make it, regroup, get on board with the person who does win the Republican nomination because America’s hope rests with the party of morals and values and of course…. God.

Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

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