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Watchwoman: For those who are not NASCAR viewers, the “Chase for the Championship” is about the accumulation of points acquired during the season.  A driver gets points for winning a race, where they finish in the weekly races in a field of 43 cars held around the country, for leading a lap, for passing other cars during a race, etc.  At the end of the racing season/year the driver with the most totaled points wins the Championship. Although the points are accumulated all season, the so-named “Chase” begins in the second portion of the season when all the other drivers are eliminated except for the top 10 point holders that were acquired during the first portion of the NASCAR season, plus two others.    Those extra two drivers are ranked between 11th and 20th in regular season points who have the most race wins, against each other, while racing in the standard field of 43 cars. The entire NASCAR season runs from mid-February through November.  Jimmy Johnson has won the Championship for the past 5 years.  This year Kyle Busch and Jimmy Johnson are tied for the #1 position each with 830 points.  In two interesting side notes:  Jeff Burton may run as a Republican for the US Senate when he retires from NASCAR racing.  Jeff Burton Tweeted: “I’ve received some comments on next weeks White House trip. The presidency deserves respect and we are all Americans. I will be there!”  Jimmy Johnson defended his acceptance too, Tweeting:  IMO… regardless of political views, when POTUS sends an invite and wants to honor you at the White House, you accept. #respect.” ▬ Donna Calvin


by Jeff Gluck

#22, Kurt Busch and Pit Crew

President Barack Obama will honor NASCAR champion Jimmie Johnson and the 11 other Chase drivers from last year in a White House ceremony on Wednesday – but nearly half of the 2010 playoff contenders won’t be there.

NASCAR said Thursday that five drivers – Greg Biffle, Kurt Busch, Carl Edwards, Kevin Harvick and Tony Stewart – will not be attending the White House visit due to “schedule conflicts.”

They must be very busy people. Regardless of one’s political views, the president is still the president – and an opportunity to speak with the leader of the free world is a rare and special one.

You’d think whatever photo shoots or sponsor appearances these drivers have lined up on Wednesday afternoon – if that’s indeed the reason – could be rescheduled. After all, this is thePresident of the United States we’re talking about here.

For a sport that prides itself on patriotism, having so many drivers turn down the president’s invitation simply seems strange.

Johnson, Denny Hamlin, Jeff Gordon, Kyle Busch, Clint Bowyer, Jeff Burton and Matt Kenseth will attend.

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Point Standing Chart as of 8/28/11:



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