Watchwoman on the Wall

A friend, Bob, asked me today:  When Jesus was born into the world the Devil influenced Herod to have the first born of the Jewish families killed. He was a head of Human government at that time! Do you think the Devil is still influencing higher ups in government today? Principalities and Powers!

My response:  Without a doubt, every one of them 24/7/365. There are only 2 forces on planet earth and in the entire universe of all of creation.  God, Who is completely good, the Creator of Life, and Who cannot tell a lie – – and – – Satan, who is utterly evil and wants death to prevail for all and every thing and is named the father of lies  –  –  –  –  – and only ONE POWER will overcome and win in the end, Our Christian God of the Holy Bible.  Most people don’t believe that, but then again, they don’t because they do not have the mind of Christ indwelling them — because they are NOT born-again.  They are fools.  Only fools say there is no God.   Satan not only influences, he talks non-stop to world leaders — and the rest of all of them, even the little guys and women in power — and if they listen to the wrong voice, viola — we, the “subjects,” suffer.  When the righteous are in authority, we rejoice, when the evil rulers rule, we mourn.  That is why it is so essential to make sure we vote for righteous men and women.  We want them to be Christians so they have the mind of Christ given the ability to hear their Shepherd’s Voice of Righteousness Who Wants to Prosper the Human Race and Give Life Abundantly. Otherwise, they are more likely to listen to their father, the father of lies and death, Satan.  We have a responsibility to vote and get the righteous elected.  We owe it to our Holy Christian God of the Bible!  ▬  Donna Calvin

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