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Dem strategist calls Herman Cain ‘bigoted,’ ‘racist’…

Cornell Belcher

Cornell Belcher is a Democratic National Committee pollster.  An early 2007 article in the Chicago Sun-Times lists Cornell Belcher among the persons in Obama’s White House team.

Democratic strategist Cornell Belcher says there is a media “double-standard” over Herman Cain saying blacks have been “brainwashed.” Belcher calls Mr. Cain a bigot and a racist and says this incident is a “teachable moment.”

See video of interview and read the interview line by line:

Cornell Belcher is president of Brilliant Corners Research and Strategies, a boutique polling firm based in Washington, D.C. He specializes in designing unique opinion and market research for political, policy, and corporate clients. Belcher served as a pollster for Barack Obama’s presidential campaign and is the first African American to serve as a pollster for either national party. Brilliant Corners was one of several researchers recently honored with a Gold Award for Research Achievement by the Advertising Research Foundation for the “Obama for President” campaign. Industry colleagues named him one of the Annenberg Public Policy Center pollsters of the year. [Bio Source – ]

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