Watchwoman on the Wall

From: Pat

(Kailey’s maternal grandma)

Dear Family and Friends,

Kailey was taken to a doctor out in California yesterday (8-30-11) and had a sinus infection, an ear infection, and is being given medicine for breathing!

So many times Kailey would come back to her mother after a week of being with her dad and Melissa, only to be rushed to the doctor or hospital with a serious illness.  I’m sure they waited until she was really bad.  She has 2 infections at once and this is her first ear infection.  She had her first sinus infection when she came back in Sept. 2010 and her mom had to rush her to the hospital.  They never even called a doctor!  While Kailey was hooked up to an I.V. in the hospital, Melissa told Kailey she got herself all worked up over nothing and that was why she was in the hospital!  Wow.  Does that sound like a caring person?  Melissa blames Kailey for being in the hospital!  Kailey is suffering needlessly.

Christine is not given any medical records.  The doctor would not even answer Christine when she asked if Kailey was having difficulty breathing.  And when Christine told Kailey’s dad and the doctor about the one medicine she was on that she shouldn’t take, and the doctor’s here have replaced with one she tolerates better, they wouldn’t consider changing it unless Kailey’s dad called them.  So Kailey’s fate is resting upon whether her dad calls to let them know about the one medicine that upsets her very much.  This is appalling!

They restrict Christine’s phone time with her daughter and will not allow me to talk to my granddaughter when I call.  They never allow Kailey to return my calls either.  They are ALIENATING Kailey from all who love her dearly.  Kailey has NO family in California and is being isolated.

Please pray for a quick recovery for Kailey and for a quick return to her mother who loves her dearly and cares for her.

Thank you so much,


(Kailey’s maternal grandma)

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