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Watchwoman: Will Hillary run?  Who knows?  Do you?  Here’s my take on it…Woodrow Wilson and FDR drew the sketch of the plot, Jimmy Carter scouted the land, LBJ bought the graveyard, Bill Clinton dug the grave spewing immorality and all the dirt and scandal he could spill on everyone’s dress, Obama built the casket, and will it be Hillary to drive in the nails to bury the dying USA in???  – – –  I have included a song (video) by Tanya Tucker, “Bidding America Goodbye.”  Jim Quinn and Rose on “America’s Morning Show,” who you know I say is by far and above the best conservative talk show host in all of Tea Party Land < > plays just a clip of Tanya’s song as a “heads up theme” for “Bidding America Goodbye”.  Unfortunately, Quinn plays it way too often!  I do not have the ability to excerpt out just that clipped portion, so I’ve included the entire video, but today I think you’ll find that the entire video is truly relevant to today’s foreclosure rate happening every where in the USA!  My friend, Carey Masci, has told me that next door to where I live, in Euclid, OH, there are 800 vacant homes.  Now Euclid used to be a top-rated community.  Not anymore and they are not alone falling into the foreclosure abyss of disrepair!  What happened?  Ungodly laws!  Ungodly politicians!  Ungodly people voting for all of the lot of the ungodly things and living ungodly lives!  It’s called God’s Judgment and Retribution for the Sins of Every US City and the inhabitants of the entire US Nation!  Repent!  Bow to the Lord Jesus Christ.  Beg that His Blood cover your sins and our national sins!  It is the only way to revive the dying USA.  Or just sit by and watch the USA’s funeral.  ▬  Donna Calvin




Former President Bill Clinton criticized President Barack Obama’s approach to the deficit this week and hinted that his wife, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, may still have presidential ambitions.

When asked by Newsmax’s Chris Ruddy on Tuesday if Hillary might consider a presidential campaign in 2016, a smiling Clinton did not rule out the possibility.

“You’ll have to ask her,” Clinton said. “But when we were kids and I met her and we started our now 40-year-plus conversation — I met her 41 years ago this last spring — pretty quick I decided that she was the ablest person in my generation. And nothing has happened in those 41 years to change my opinion.”

He continued: “If she wants to come home, I’ll be happy. If she wants to serve, I’ll be happy. But she has to decide that. All I know is I’m glad that she’s serving now.”

Clinton also said he found Obama’s approach to the deficit “a little confusing.”

“I personally don’t believe we ought to be raising taxes or cutting spending until we get this economy off the ground,” said Clinton, a former Arkansas governor thought to hail from the moderate wing of the Democratic Party. “If we cut government spending, which I normally would be very inclined to do when the deficit’s this big, with interest rates already near zero you can’t get the benefits out of it.”

Clinton also shared his thoughts on the Republican presidential race, saying that Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney are the clear frontrunners for the nomination.

“If it stays between Romney and Perry, I think Perry will have the juice of being perceived as the more conservative one, Romney will have the power of being perceived as perhaps more electable because he’s more moderate,” he explained.

The former president also praised his old antagonist Newt Gingrich as a smart candidate who could still shake up the race.

“The one thing that makes it very hard to count him out is he’s always thinking,” Clinton said of the former House Speaker. “He’s always got a bunch of new ideas and some of them are pretty good. So a guy that can still use his brain cells and come up with good ideas, you’re never really sure what happens there.”

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