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Host Bob Murphy and Carey Masci were in the studio with guest Kim Advent founder and president of Avanti Wellness LLC.

Our guest brought a topic to America News and Views that is a little different than what we normally talk about. But after we settled in I could understand the connection.

The clinic Kim Advent is associated with cures and helps people with many different kinds of addictions. Kim said the 1st American has been freed of heroin addiction at this clinic. After 15 treatment centers and $1,000,000.00 in taxpayer money no solution was found. But now by using traditional medicine and practical philosophy he is cured. And healthy Americans are also seeking more solutions and answers to their personal life’s problems.

The three of us agreed that people today are looking for answers they can’t find. So people turn to drug usage which breed’s apathy, which makes people dependent on the government, which in turn the government uses to keep people under their control. It’s a vicious cycle that ruins not only a person but also a nation.

It takes self-responsibility and less government. Bob made the most important point when he said the bottom line is God that’s that only way you can get cured or through these trying times.

Here are other topics from the past week we had hoped to cover but there wasn’t enough time:
Jerry Brown signed into law a bill dubbed the California Dream Act allowing illegal immigrants to receive privately funded scholarships to attend the state’s public colleges and universities.

Two key things to hone in on here, one is “At the end of the day, if we’re going to continue as a powerful, equal-opportunity society, we’re going to have to invest in our people,” Jerry Brown said. Jerry is completely wrong, OUR people? These are not our people they are illegal aliens from other countries.

And two, the California Dream Act gives illegal immigrants a false promise; their status doesn’t change after graduating and will remain unable to find legal employment. So what is the sense of this bill?


I need you to stand with me to help protect voting rights in our county. Show your support by contributing $15 or $25 to the Democrats of Cuyahoga County, County Executive Ed FitzGerald said.

This was in defiance of an order by Secretary of State Jon Husted who is trying to get all 88 counties in Ohio to use the same rules for absentee ballots. County Exec Fitzgerald was elected to be nonpartisan, to weed out corruption and save the county money but he his doing the opposite.

The mass mailing will cost $330,000.00, think how many other uses there are for that money other than sending out ballots to people who can’t get motivated to get to the polls to vote?

Yes there are people who can’t, for those absentee ballots are needed but it shouldn’t be for just anyone.

I don’t blame Fitzgerald I blame the people who voted him in.
An alarming story was brought to our attention about a woman who served in the armed forces who had her guns taken by the Lakewood police. According to the article she wasn’t home but the police found someone to let them in her apt. They took 13 valuable firearms for no apparent reason. The weapons were legally owned but would not be returned without a court order.

The article leaves many unanswered questions but what is so frightening is the fact that on all levels of government they are discarding the Constitution and not following proper procedures.

The more we let the government get away with this, the less freedoms we have. What right does anyone have to go inside of someone’s house without probable cause and a warrant? Whether its mandatory house inspections or removing ones guns the people have to wake up to what is going on and stop this. We need to make our government accountable for their actions.


In conclusion, less government, more self-responsibility and a belief in God is the cure for what ails this country. We need to quit looking at the government as big daddy; we need to look inside of ourselves for the answer. That’s the key, self-responsibility and God.

Your Friend,
Bob Murphy

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